Town Hall Cut Short After Charles Barkley Defends Police And Crowd Loses It

DC: Former NBA basketball player Charles Barkley got shouted down by a town hall audience after he defended law enforcement officers.

The Baltimore town hall, which was meant to last for an hour, had to be cut short after the audience began insulting Barkley for standing up for police officers and their families, reports Yellow Hammer News.

Barkley asked why people didn’t mourn when four police officers were shot throughout the country in a 24-hour period. A black man stands accused of killing white San Antonio Detective Benjamin Marconi.

“Did anybody say, ‘Man, I feel bad for their family?’” Barkley reportedly asked the audience. He had stopped in Baltimore to film part of his new documentary, “The Race Card.”

13 Comments on Town Hall Cut Short After Charles Barkley Defends Police And Crowd Loses It

  1. “How simple and arrogant are you?”

    Far less simple and arrogant as YOU.

    Ah, the lovely tolerance of the bilge-minded left. Disagree with them, be shunned.

    And THEY think the Amish are weird.

  2. Yet who do these people call when they are robbed, attacked etc. What really will drive the left insane is their insults are no longer being taken seriously. And they are being waived off and dismissed which is just going to cause them to melt down further.

  3. “I was gonna sue him for Defamation of Character … then it occurred to me …
    I ain’t got no character!”
    (Charles Barkley)

    God Bless him.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Trump and Barkley have a lot in common. They both speak truth that libturds refuse to hear.
    His book ‘Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man?’ is worth a read.
    Krispy Kreme Donuts to you Sir Charles.

  5. Hey BLM idiots…if you don’t want to be shot by police don’t be a criminal and don’t present a threat to them.

    Come try to riot in my neighborhood and see if you survive.

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