Townhall Goes After Trump

Does Townhall still want Jeb!?

What a bag o’ dicks.

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  1. What the creators of this video don’t know is that many Trump supporters would actually want one of the coloring books as a badge of honor. I want one. (Bet if the elitists saw this post, it would make their heads explode. – Yes!!)

  2. A. Smelly. Leaking. Bag. of. Dicks.
    There ya go!

    Well, let’s see.
    It’s safe to say that the ‘bought and paid’ for establishment wing of the conservative blogosphere remain bought and paid for.
    We already knew who most of them are, but the surprises and the removal of all doubt about many of whom I doubted on some level, was totally worth it.
    Trump’s campaign is like an X-Ray of the character of these jack-asses.

  3. Isn’t Townhall part of Salem Media? They were the first to exclude Trump from a conservative forum (via Eric Ericson of Red State) and Hugh Hewitt ridiculed Trump for not reciting the names of obscure scumbag Arabs but fed the names to Fiorina and praised her for recognizing them.

  4. Townhall and all of Salem media including Erick Erickson, Leon Wolf, Michael Medved, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt are rapid Trump defamers. All but Prager & Erickson dislike Cruz. Rubio is their candidate. Salem media is owned by a church and believes in open borders. Perhaps they are involved in alien resettlement and get gubmint monies like Catholic charities.

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