Toyota Issues Major Recall of Electric Vehicle Due to Tire Malfunction – IOTW Report

Toyota Issues Major Recall of Electric Vehicle Due to Tire Malfunction

Company is unsure what is causing the major safety issue.

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  1. The wheels and tires are not properly filled up with riboflavin, so they go into shock from the diodes in the battery, thereby making the flubber non airworthy…..

  2. “If a wheel detaches from the vehicle while driving, it could result in a loss of vehicle control, increasing the risk of a crash,”

    Give that man a big gold trophy. He’s a goddamn genius!

  3. Apparently, they’re using Toy wheels on cars designed to save the planet. The wheels fall off. Is it possible they have a (corporate) screw loose?

    (We used to call Toyota’s cars, “Toy cars.” Didn’t everyone back in the 60’s onward?)

  4. We had a problem with what they termed “Wheel-Offs” when I was wrenching at Sears Auto. Seems someone would buy tires and occasionally see them flying past them on the highway seconds before they chunked down into the pavement. Sears did a bunch of different things including issuing these dumbass “torque stick” things without regard for the fact that it wouldn’t help if your air hammer was weak (it only limited MAX torque).

    They did everything BUT pay enough to attract anyone but idiots to be tire busters.

    And that was the REAL problem.

    …given the quality of the kids coming up behind me that call themselves “mechanics” nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised if that isn’t Toyota’s problem too, too much dependence on tech, and not any attention to kids ACTUALLY developing real mechanical skills…

  5. People have been making cars for over 100 years and every now and then some company or another forgets how to make cars that don’t catch fire, roll over, or have wheels and other body parts fall off.

  6. General Malaise
    JUNE 25, 2022 AT 6:53 PM

    “(We used to call Toyota’s cars, “Toy cars.” Didn’t everyone back in the 60’s onward?)”

    …When I was coming up was when the Japanese cars were just trying to establish in the US, had fit and finish and noise problems, and worked with aluminum which was not common in American cars of the era.

    This prompted my vocational school shop teacher to snidely say, “The good thing about Japanese cars is that now you know what happened to the beer cans you threw away.”.

    …my how things change…

  7. Rice burners, Oyatota Nip Wagon, etc. Two guys could pick up the rear end of a 70’s Honda Civic and put it sideways in it’s parking spot; which seemed to happen more often than you’d think.

  8. When yer hauling around a half ton of battery you had better have heavy duty suspension, brakes and tires!
    When yer hauling around a half ton of battery yer not driving a car, yer driving the world’s fastest tow motor!

  9. I used to joke that my first Japanese car, a 1975 Honda Civic CVCC was made out of recycled aluminum cans. Jap cars have come far since then, I love my current Subaru Legacy AWD station wagon with all the bells and whistles, it did real well going over to Seattle and back a couple of weeks ago to watch a Mariners game.

  10. I love my RAV4.
    She was the last year they made Ravs with V6 engines.
    She has really low miles on her, for her age (shhh! She is sensitive about that).
    I treat her very well and she has an awesome mechanic who helps with the major stuff.

  11. Uncle Al
    And we use to call them Toy Chotas.

    I saw the aftermath of a Tacoma rear ending a Ford SUV. You now, the one the cops drive. It wasn’t pretty. The Ford had a broken tail light, the Tacoma looked totaled. Weird. I still think Toy Chotas are a quality vehicle. But that was weird.

  12. MissInMi
    JUNE 25, 2022 AT 8:47 PM
    “I love my RAV4.”

    …I test drove a RAV 4 when my family was younger and we were looking for an SUV, but I found the hobby-horsing very unpleasant, so we got a Highlander instead, which turned out to be pretty good and had third row seating.

    Then my kid grew up and we traded it for an F150 back when they were still made out of steel. Its a crew cab 4WD for real truck, but even it doesn’t ride as stiff as the RAV4 did.

  13. I had a Nissan Sentra 4 speed manual my Uncle sold to me in 1994 or so. I don’t remember the model year of the car, but that thing got 45 miles to the gallon. It didn’t have a radio or AC (from the factory) and the heat controls were all cables (like choke cables, or lawn mower engine speed cables).

    All these modern Prius type shitcars are 45MPG!

    We had that in the late 80s.

  14. “Shitty” little nipper cars from that era were tough as shit. Excellent fuel economy and yes they started burning a little oil at 300,000 miles. Nothing serious like my 1981 4 door Malibu. Every two times I gassed up that Malibu I had to pull the number one sparking plug and clean it.

  15. I had a ’95 Dodge Avenger that got 40mpg. Had an FJ for a while, traded it for a RAM pickup. It was a kidney buster and only got 18mpg. The Dodge got 22.

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