Traffic Jam Kills 12


A dozen people died during a massive three-day, 13-mile traffic jam this week in Indonesia, the Guardian reports. According to the BBC, the jam was caused by construction at an intersection on the island of Java. The construction just so happened to coincide with millions of people heading home to celebrate the holiday of Eid al-Fitr. Most of the victims, who died between Sunday and Tuesday, were elderly people stuck in hot cars and suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. Others died from health complications, and a 1-year-old was killed by exhaust fumes. A hotline was set up for drivers to call for help, but there was no clear way for help to get to them. Strangely, the traffic jam occurred at the Brebes exit, known to locals as “Brexit.”

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  1. Moslems dying while stuck in eid al fister traffic? Huh. Pity.

    I seem to be fresh out of yhe milk of human kindness at this time; check back later.

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