Train Kills 60 Watching Fireworks In India

A crowd had gathered near the railroad tracks just outside of Amritar, India to watch fireworks celebrating the Dussehra festival.

None apparently heard the oncoming commuter train until it had mowed down 60 and sent another 60 to the hospital. Reports are the commuter train neither slowed after hitting the crowd nor gave any warning as it approached. More

22 Comments on Train Kills 60 Watching Fireworks In India

  1. “Look!”
    “Something Shiny!”
    (or Sparkly, or whatever …)

    There’s a reason for everything.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. They always blame the train. The train “mowed down” the crowd. The train hit the truck. The train hit the car. The train hit the person. Trains are on fixed rails and can’t go out of their way to mow down anybody.

  3. The national rail line blames the local officials for holding the fireworks too close to the tracks. The local officials blame the national rail line saying that they were warned to approach the city slowly while the festival was going on.

    And who ends up paying, the citizens, while no government official will be held responsible.

  4. @a non a moose: Well, they have to describe the event somehow. And they can’t very well say, “the crowd hit the train” unless they are really into Einsteinian relativity theory or something like that, so “the train hit the crowd” is all they’ve got.

    I mean, Amritar Amrit?


  5. Now wait just a cottonpickin minute….. the first line of this story states that the revelers gathered NEAR the tracks…… so either someone is full of shite or the train jumped the tracks simply to crash into the mob…..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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