Train Wreck Is An Understatement

Obamacare legislation required the administration to seek an appropriation from Congress to fund the cost-sharing reduction (CSR) provisions of Obamacare. When the Democrat controlled Senate turned down the president’s request money for the CSR in 2013, the administration began making determinations that allowed it to pay $7 billion into the program without congress’ approval.

In other words, they broke the law to keep insurers from abandoning the state exchanges en masse and destroying even the pretext that Obamacare works.

Now the administration is stonewalling Congress’ attempt to get their hands on the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) memo that allowed them to spend unappropriated money and has put a gag order on current and former employees to not cooperate with congressional oversight committees.   More

So were does that leave us now?

With a zombie government insurance program no one is honest enough to kill and a lawless administration spending money it doesn’t have. Most of the electorate are uninformed or so corrupted by big G spending they don’t care.  The press can’t ignore the story hard enough.

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  1. Obama again overtly perverts the roles of a constitutional government and refuses requests and ignores subpoenas from Congress with no consequences.

    I suspect the FBI and the DOJ are unable to discover Obama’s intent.

    The weakling fools in the House and Senate sit idly by while Laws, Regulations and the Constitution, of a once great nation, are reduced to it’s present useless form by Obama and his agency directors.

  2. I refuse to buy into this Tyranny
    The fine is expensive, but eight hundred bucks a month? (Me and Mrs. Lazlo)
    Plus an income burden (taxable subsidy) of another two hundred a month (cause we’re old)
    Then an eight thousand dollar deductible, each?
    So PER YEAR I am expected to outlay 26K PRIOR to any benefits?
    I think not
    In the future, in the Lazlo Great Hall, documentation of me paying the fine demonstrating my refusal to play Obama care games will hang in a place of honor next to enormous racks of antlers from Stags and the like and be viewed by lesser nephews as a testament to the Old Man’s fortitude

  3. As much as this article riled me up relating to the scam of ObamaCare, this quote from the NY Times irritated me the most:

    “it could have major — some might say huge — consequences for our constitutional democracy.”

    We are NOT a constitutional democracy – we are a Republic!

    (If we can keep it)

  4. Cato, the FBI and DOJ have no authority over the president. That is why Hillary could not be prosecuted.
    The FBI and DOJ are subordinate to the president.
    Only Congress is not.
    The president can also fire, at will, any and all federal attorneys. So he can block any case that does not originate in Congress.
    Don’t forget, Bill Clinton fired every single one of them and replaced them with his own people.

  5. Hey JohnyS, what about the Supreme Court, where’s that fit in. You know Sesame Street has an episode that covers the different branches of government. You should watch it.mmigbt be a little advances for you but hang in there.

  6. Even though many good citizens are going to start breaking every law on the books none of them really intend to do so! Innocent as charged.

  7. BB, just how does it fit into this conversation?
    I educated you about swaging, why don’t you return the favor explain what I am missing here?

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