Trans activism pushed in John Lewis insurance ad

I’d say that the kid needs to be spanked but unfortunately, he may really enjoy that .

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  1. Satanism.
    Pure. Unadulterated.
    Demons walk among us.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. I saw this yesterday. I went to youtube to read the comments, thinking they were going to bash the faggy kid and/or the company, but no. They mainly were asking if an insurance company covers willful damage and joking along those lines, as if the faggy kid wasn’t in the commercial.

    John Lewis response to a comment – “Although many children do dress up and dance around their homes the advert is a dramatic, fictional story created to entertain. We hope our customers will appreciate this ad in the spirit it was intended.”

  3. @ Tim – FJB OCTOBER 14, 2021 AT 9:46 AM

    FWIW I don’t get near the amount of pushback for pointing that out as I used to. It has progressed to the point that it is impossible to deny it

  4. The Muslims may have it right. Perhaps the more pernicious faggots need to be tossed off rooftops to remind the others that their worship of their own precious degeneracy is getting really fucking annoying and oppressive to the rest of us.

  5. Communist goals 1963

    I thought #26 was completed when five SC justices created a new definition of marriage and the military did their don’t ask don’t tell.

    Yesterday at a local mall department store my wife was at the high end cosmetics area. One of the employees working at one of the counters was flitting around in his women’s high heel shoes.

  6. Never heard of John Lewis, other than the civil rights activist who went to congress to get old and useless, and I never expect to see or hear of this company again after paying for an ad like that.


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