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Trans Activist Who Created ‘Gender Unicorn’ Calls for ‘Supreme Court Assassination Challenge’

WFB: A transgender activist who creates widely distributed educational resources for nonbinary students called for a “Supreme Court assassination challenge” on the same day Roe v. Wade was overturned.

Eli Erlick, a founder of Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) and creator of a popular “Gender Unicorn” graphic for “gender fluidity,” tweeted and later deleted the remark on Friday, when the High Court delivered its ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. Since 2011, Erlick and the “youth-led” organization have helped implement transgender policies in dozens of school districts, including Wisconsin, New York, and Texas. The group backs sweeping “structural change” as opposed to “equality,” which according to its website, “reinforces systems of white supremacy, transphobia, and injustice.”

Following the leaked Dobbs decision in May, pro-abortion activists have targeted pro-life offices and crisis pregnancy centers across the country. Vandals firebombed pro-life buildings in Wisconsin and New York and defaced four pro-life churches in Washington State. Fears heightened in June when an armed California man was arrested outside the home of Brett Kavanaugh and later confessed to plans to assassinate the justice. more here

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  1. It shouldn’t be too much longer and preemptive self defense will catch on and be a viable defense. We can’t continue to have known criminals threaten the well being of innocent citizens and force an innocent citizen to wait for a violent attack before taking action to save himself/herself and their family. Once a viable threat has been declared those that are threatened are within their rights to eliminate the threat. Remember, when you only have seconds to spare the police are standing around waiting for reinforcements.

  2. Say what? I agree, however not being the person threatened I probably would be in trouble. We really need for a lawmaker to introduce the Preemptive Self Defense Act!

  3. Can’t this fag be charged with conspiracy to commit murder? Do queers have some sort of lifetime “Get out of jail free” card?

  4. I suppose the pro-abortion crowd believes that abortion gives women equality with men. They can kill another
    human being with no regrets and no penalty. That’s what they call equality, a right men do not have. The equality was given in the institution of marriage, which legally forced men to live up to their responsibilities in providing for a child.

    When it comes to giving birth, women and men are not equal. Men are not designed to give birth. Killing a baby in the womb gives women a right men will never have.

    The real reason is to give a woman the right to live the life of a libertine. Killing babies for that is the epitome of evil.

  5. Bio amounts to: “I was bullied, so now I’m gonna bully”
    Garden variety loser. But if “they” are invoking a challenge, karma is a bitch in any pronoun.

  6. And the in-between! All Gods children. Buuuuuuuttt not limited too man’s creative hands. See, bisexuals, gays, transexuals & non-binaries have been here since the dawn of man. Republicans not so long.

  7. JuneAKAGeorge, bullshit. If Adam and Eve were either one a faggot…

  8. It’s a start.

    But, why not Congress? Who can overrule anything with a vote? They needn’t read?

    Doesn’t scale? Yeah. Mafs’ hard.

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