Trans “Woman” Filled With Toxic Masculinity Violently Attacks – IOTW Report

Trans “Woman” Filled With Toxic Masculinity Violently Attacks

4 Comments on Trans “Woman” Filled With Toxic Masculinity Violently Attacks

  1. Those guys are very ….. uummm ….. lady-like. Yeah, that’s the term I was looking for. With such good manners and overt femininity, how could anyone doubt that these men were ladies?

    If they actually believed their own delusions, they wouldn’t feel the need to verbally and physically assault anyone that peacefully questioned or even mildly objected to them spreading their delusions to others, especially children. Their behavior simply proves the true insanity and demonic possession these bags of flesh labor under.

  2. Honestly, I don’t need faggots like BillboardChris on my side. How the fuck did he not see that coming?

  3. He does a lot of good work exposing these transholes and their pedo agenda. He puts himself out there, and while there are many, many chest-pounding “warriors” on social media, only two of them were brave enough to join him at this rally. He’s Canadian, but we’re still lucky to have this man on our side.

  4. It’s like Dennis Miller said, there’s not much you can do about the mentally deranged. Just try not to be living next door to them when they go off.


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