Transcript of Trump’s First Call To Ukraine President Released

How did Trump manage to invite Zelensky to the White House without “bribing” him?

There were no preconditions on Trump’s potential visit to the Ukraine, or Zelensky’s visit to the White House. Strange…. Weird….

6 Comments on Transcript of Trump’s First Call To Ukraine President Released

  1. Four days after that first phone call, Biden officially entered the race. Suddenly, the next phone call became very important.

  2. I honestly don’t know why they’re going through this sham. Just draw up the article of impeachment and have your vote.

    Are they so ate up with dumbass that they can’t see this sham is making them look insane to normal people, including the somewhat normal democrats and independents they need?
    For a short time today after the hearings I listened to phone calls coming in and outside of a few shrieking black women and a few women who just don’t understand why the rest of us can’t see what they see, most were calling this insane and Shifty Shit sitting up there acting like a king.

  3. Thirdtwin you hit the nail on teh head.
    I’ve thought that hillary would have entered by now to play the victim card as a candidate to deflect from russia


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