Transgender BMX Rider Makes Women’s US Olympic Team – Vows to Burn American Flag on Podium


“One of the reasons why I work so hard to represent the United States in international competition is to show the world that this country has morals and values, that it’s not all of the bad things that we’re known for,” Wolfe told Fox News. “I take a stand against fascism because I care about this country and I’m not going to let it fall into the hands of fascists after so many people have fought and sacrificed to prevent fascism from taking hold abroad.”

Wolfe, who said she “wants to be proud” of the United States, insisted she “sure as hell” isn’t going to let fascism take hold there.



BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe will be traveling to the Tokyo Games as an alternate, and in doing so, will become the first transgender Olympian in Team USA history.

Wolfe qualified for the position by earning a fifth-place finish at the World Championships, but will only get a chance to compete in the Olympics if either qualifying rider Hannah Roberts or Perris Benegas drop out.

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  1. 28 year old. Already Over the hill even in the woman’s division.

    Next career: Victoria Secret Model just like Megan Rapinoe

    With side endorsements for Crest Toothpaste.

  2. It’s crapheads like this guy and Rapinhoe that make it harder and harder to root for Team America.
    – I do try to remember that most of the athletes are decent, have worked very hard to reach the top, and deserve our support.

  3. Mr. CreepTeeth may represent Antifa, but not the US. The skinny little shit has no idea what Fascism is about, although he probably supports it unwittingly, right here in the USA.

    “I’m riding my bike to make a stand against Fascism” is amazingly, mind-blowingly stupid.

  4. I try not to pay to much attention to these idiots. There’s obviously big time mental problems going on there. Beside, the Hungarian woman will grab him by the ankles and use him as a sex toy. He has no chance of reaching that podium even competing with women.

  5. Haven’t watched any summer Olympics in at least 15 years (never watched winter ones). Crap like this and other SJW/woke attention whores is why.

  6. She might have a chance on a bike but she better stay away from the Corn on the Cob eating competition at the State Fair.

  7. I hope he wins so Biden has to invite him to the WH after he burns the flag. They’re perfect together.

  8. Worthless ingrate cunt who looks like a meth head successfully bargains for the majority of Americans to hope she loses.

  9. Disgusting person with disgusting behavior. Pretty much proves Trump right again regarding having a law to punish those that burn our American flag and it should hold an additional penalty if you do it in this treasonous manner to disgrace the nation worldwide.

  10. If they hate the USA so much, why are they bothering to try out for the US Olympic team??
    Wouldn’t they be better suited representing one of their beloved socialist utopias like Venezuela or North Korea?
    Open up the spot for someone who wants to represent the US!

  11. Who allows guys to participate in Women’s sports representing the US?
    Particularly this Anti-American POS ! Or any POS !

    The WOKE US Olympic Committee?
    I am hereby boycotting the o–“lymp”–ics !!!

  12. I’m a man but I’m going to live like a woman. I live my country so I’m going to burn our flag overseas.

    I see a pattern of mental illness, hypocrisy and spiritual darkness.

  13. Leon Spinks
    JUNE 21, 2021 AT 6:20 PM
    “Damn…I gots better Teefus.”

    Damn…your old to make THAT reference.

  14. Wouldn’t be surprising that that gray front “thooth”, and what appears to be a missing incisor, were likely his/her first attempt at stating he/she burning the US flag in an Instagram comment.

    What an uneducated mowron! I mean, before espousing profound ignorance at his/her perception of what Antifa was and is, he/she could save a lot of bruised and missing teeth by studying a Chapter of WWII Nazi Germany.

    In addition, this ignorant brat tries burning the American flag in front of the world, he/she may be missing a lot more than a measly mouthful of teeth.

  15. 1. Let anyone compete as whatever gender they choose.

    2. Allow any and all performance enhancing drugs. Eliminate testing.

    3. Sanction new sports such as knife fighting and drive- by pistol competition.

    4. Kiss the Olympics goodbye. It’s OVER.

  16. I don’t think it knows what “Fascism” means. Not sure if even
    Invisalign could help those choppers.

  17. I’m going to say it….for the past say 30 or so years, I have less and less respect for American athletic teams/people. Maybe it started with the 3 black dudes years ago who stood on the Olympic podium with their fists in the air saying “black power.” This was in the days of the early black panther movement. Obama fundamentally changed America alright, he destroyed it. What’s going on today was predicted centuries ago, and so we are waiting for his presence to stop it.

  18. “My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium,”
    That statement disqualifies any athlete from representing America.

    On the Transgender issue, once they pass an internal inspection with a speculum just prior to the sporting event they should be able to compete.

  19. Japan is going to cancel them anyway. This snaggle tooth dude will never get his day in the spotlight.

    Thank you Wuhan Red Death. At least something good came out of the whole disaster.

  20. Too many aspects of crazy going on with Mr. Snaggletooth. Clearly a very unattractive man, pretending to be a (extremely unattractive) woman, enabled by woke socialists determined to use the mentally and spiritually ill as pawns.
    He will probably be disqualified. A couple of unwoke nations at the Olympics might take issue with a man competing against women…or he has a psychotic break or…he actually loses enough races to be eliminated.
    Somehow it won’t go well with the traitorous lunatic.

  21. Remember when we had to go to the carnival to see the freaks.
    Now they all just roam the streets.

  22. “One of the reasons why I work so hard to represent the United States in international competition is to show the world that this country has morals and values”

    if this country had morals and values that were worth anything this mentally deranged person would be institutionalized so he could not hurt himself like he has done.

    how is this man competing in women’s sports showing the world a positive view of this countries morals and values?
    truly mentally ill.

  23. The only “scientific” way to deal with this is create a TRANSGENDER category in all sports specifically for all transgenders. Tough luck to them if they are not actual biologic men or women because SCIENCE is the gold standard now. Stop allowing sports to be manipulated by mentally ill, radically motivated people.

  24. “It” would recognize a fascist or fascism if it bit “it” on “it’s”… Oh me, oh y, I almost puked just thinking about “it!”

  25. I am so confused these days whenever I read these articles about these Woke Supremacists. And the person writing the article does not help by playing into the delusion. All I ever want to know is: Is this person a man pretending to be a woman or a woman pretending to be man? A journalist is supposed to report the facts, not play into the delusion of the imbecile they are covering.

  26. I hope he takes a spill and those shriveled nuts he has gets tangled in the chain and sprocket.

  27. If this useless pos wants to burn the American flag, so be it, just as long as he/she/it wraps himself/herself/itself in it first.

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