Transgender Richard ” Rachel” Levine promoted to four-star Admiral

CFP: Richard Levine, the U.S. assistant secretary for health, will be sworn in Tuesday as an admiral of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, a 6,000-person force that responds to health crises on behalf of the federal government, including administering coronavirus vaccines and delivering care after hurricanes.

In an interview, Levine stressed that his new position as an admiral was “not just symbolic,” and that he would take a leadership role in shaping the public health corps’ priorities. “I’m doing this because of my dedication to service … and with the utmost respect and honor for the uniform that I will be wearing,” Levine said, adding he would begin wearing the group’s blue uniform immediately. more

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  1. And her first task will be to inventory the Corp’s arms and ammunition supplies purchased during the Obama administration.

    Her second task will be to selectively disburse said supplies to the appropriate regional offices and coordinate with FEMA’s emergency civilian detention centers.

  2. In MASH, Klinger’s whole shtick was dressing like a woman to show he was crazy and to get thrown out of the Army.
    If they made the show today, he would not be considered crazy and Hawkeye would be forced to do the surgery.

  3. Jeez. I’m sorry, but that carbon based unit is a mess, no matter what sex, color, military rank, religion…just🤢

  4. Big Mike is mighty impressed. Just loves a person in uniform.

    Meanwhile Chi-Nah is launching hypersonic potential weapons while the deck chairs on the USS Brandon Titanic is making great times in the “Sea-Ice” pack.

  5. The Corp’s going to need a Fleet Admiral. That’s FIVE Big Guy stars.

    Wait! We have a candidate:

    Joe “Chester W. N̶i̶m̶i̶t̶z̶ Numbnuts” Biden

  6. Has anyone said REAR ADMIRAL YET?

    I’m to disgusted to read before dinner.

  7. last time i checked to be given flag status you needed the president to appoint and congress to approve. when did this thing get approved by congress and who voted for this travesty?

  8. Getting the security clearance for someone using a COMPLETELY fictitious name must have been AMAZING…

  9. I used to charge .50 cents to see the freaks at the carnival side show now it is free and they are everywhere!

  10. “…with the utmost respect and honor for the uniform that I will be wearing…”

  11. Monty Python would have had it standing & pissing at a urinal in the Pre-Bamma Days.

    But hell, they all quit and went into retirement.

    just in time Cleese.
    just in time.

    & thank you for your service.

  12. Will the USS Admiral Levine be a garbage scow that identifies as an Iowa class battleship?

  13. Anyone at all throwing in with the pedophile-predator Joe Biden should be regarded as a predator-creepo such as this guy.

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