Transgender Running For Congress Has Campaign Video Befitting a…. uhhh… Just Look

John Walker Flynt, mental case, now wants to be known as Brianna Wu. Apparently John married a Wu. And no, that’s not the name of a Dr. Seuss book.

Behold, this idiocy—>

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  1. I see they’re pandering to the lowest common denominator of their base. That was just bad. Not kitsch bad. Not so bad it’s funny, or good. Just bad.

  2. This twat is not going anywhere. She’s running against established Democrat Stephen Lynch in Boston 8th which while liberal prefers it’s candidates to pass the genetic test. What would be fun is if she decided to run in the 8th as an independent drawing left wing crank Democrats off Lynch. That campaign would be worth the popcorn.

  3. It’s interesting that this load of mutant humanity would use the Constitution as a prop. The only time they like it.

  4. This is the…whatever…. that gained fame through gamer gate. She’s been playing the victim card for years.

  5. @scr_north. Politics1 doesn’t list a Republican running in that district, which slightly surprise me. I know a few people up there and they are all conservative.

    I hope that changes.

  6. I watched it with the sound muted and THAT was more than enough freakish insanity without adding whatever imbecility was being uttered.

  7. Chromosomes do not lie.
    You are either male (XY) or female (XX) and that is the end of the story.

    He will always be a male no matter what destructive mutilation surgery he undergoes, what wardrobe changes he makes, nor how much makeup he applies. It is merely a sinful choice and mental disorder.

    [Yes, I know there are very rarely abnormalities with screwed up sex chromosomes, but that is a birth defect to be addressed and not a mental disorder.]

  8. @PHenry, that will change especially if it gets ugly between Lynch and the Tranny. A conservative challenger wouldn’t need that much lead time to come up to speed so they could leave filing papers till the last. Oh, feel free to tell Sharpton I said Lynch. I figure I could take him what with that Chrystal Meth diet he’s on.

  9. A campaign motto: Who is Wu? Dr Seuss will provide a great many more.

    Braden Lynch: you can exchange hardware, software is entirely too complex.

  10. Aaaaaannnnnnnnnndddddddd in typical Leftist fashion not one word about he/she/it’s capabilities and accomplishments, just the usual attempt to drag everything down to their level of Suck… and man does this SUCK!
    Matter of fact, it just can’t suck enough!!

  11. I actually found it entertaining and clever. However, it is HUGELY hypocritical when they trot out the Constitution like it’s something they believe in.

  12. Good for them, bucking the stereotypes! Usually it’s the Asian that looks like a girl but has a penis.

  13. The GUY is SO much of pussy that HE can’t even act in HIS own ad!

    That said, this ad is BRILLIANT, on the level of classic John Waters’ kitsch!

    And, even if you disagree on its “artistic” merits, politically speaking, if you want more Trump, THIS IS HOW YOU GET MORE TRUMP!

  14. So it’s the husband (that) will be doing all the fighting? What do we need her, him, it for?

    So bad it can only happen in America.

  15. I took this little gem directly from his campaign website: “The status-quo representation in district 8 doesn’t understand the tech and biotech industry, but Brianna Wu does. We’ll make Massachusetts the third great city in the US for the these high paying fields.”

    He might understand the tech and biotech industry, but he sure doesn’t understand that Massachusetts isn’t a city. You’d think that would be a pre-requisite to running.

  16. Plain Jane, you mean this last paragraph? “Because Massachusetts has some of the nation’s strongest protections, we can make this the best place in the United States for the rest of us to work.”

    Yeah, I saw that. Who are “the rest of us” considering the fact that I thought this freak considered himself one of those women for whom the state’s “strongest protections” are provided?

  17. It’s not going to be pretty when the tranny and his japanese cultural appropriating “husband” (Wu?) don’t get the validation they want through this campaign.

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