Transgender Uses FDA Banned Drug to Cause Lactation to Breastfeed

Truth Revolt: A male-to-female transgendered woman was given the drug domperidone to induce lactation so that she would be able to breastfeed exclusively, The Daily Wire reports. Now, the left is is praising the move, saying things like “it’s a dream come true.”

Romper reports “Thanks to the work on induced lactation in Transgender women by Dr. Tamar Reisman and nurse practitioner and program manager Zil Goldstein at the Mt. Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery, a Transgender mother was not only able to breastfeed her child, but to be the baby’s exclusive food source for its first six weeks of life.”

The problem? Domperidone isn’t healthy for the baby.

“While Reisman and Goldstein’s patient took her dose [of domperidone] orally, the FDA is reportedly still worried about the possible effects of domperidone on infants, since the drug is passed through breast milk.”

The risks are serious, according to the FDA, which is why it’s been banned in the United States since 2004. MORE

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  1. Some of my worst nightmares are of becoming a woman. I’m that content with my male identity.

    Figures the freaks would consider it a dream come true.

  2. The sick, twisted freak is no doubt vehemently opposed to vaccines, GMO’s and hormones contamination of his food.

  3. What is called 1% at our grocery store ….
    though the individual what took the drug is commonly referred to as pasteurized

  4. At some point in the kid’s life, assuming it survives childhood, it will become aware of being breast fed by it’s father.

  5. I wonder how what comes out of the teat compares to normal breast milk. Will the baby suffer from drinking something that doesn’t contain the nutrients it needs, in order to satisfy the whims of its parent? Or is it sufficiently nutritious?

  6. Ax y’seff why some are encouraging mental illness, sexual depravity, and delusional behavior. I know it’s not en vogue to believe in Satan (or any other manifestation superior to Man) but this shit’s nuts.

    Mass hysteria?
    Global stupidity?
    Something in the water?

    Whatever you wish to call it, we’re in serious decline – educationally, morally, philosophically, intellectually, and every other kind of -ally I can think of, with the exception of technologically. It’s almost as though we gave up our souls to the technocracy – but the two aren’t mutually exclusive – in fact, one without the other is dangerous.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Dr. Frankenstein works at Mt. Sinai hospital? Who knew?

    Doc should have his license yanked if he’s okay with endangering a child’s life.

  8. This mentally addled pervert is committing CHILD ABUSE. Whether he’s remanded to a mental hospital or jail makes no difference. The child needs to be removed if it is to have a chance at a normal life.
    It’s sad to see this type of perversion day in a day out.

  9. That “milk” needs to be analyzed and if the child isn’t getting sufficient nutrition, or is getting adverse drugs, this charade needs to be stopped at once.

    But then, it’s never about the child, is it?

  10. This is the epitome of selfishness. Take a drug so he can do something he wouldn’t otherwise, and put the child at risk. Because he wanted to, because it was emotionally important to hin.

  11. If you can not accept what gender you are why should we accept you for what gender you think you want to be?

    Bring back sanitariums.

  12. That baby should be glad of all the harm it is enduring, and will endure so that it’s ‘mother’ can know what it ‘feeeeeeels like’ to breastfeed! It’s health is an acceptable sacrifice, you know!


  13. Riseman and the nurse practitioner need to be arrested and charged with some violation of prescribing unsafe drugs and have their license to practice immediately suspended while a professional review board as well as the courts review her conduct. The baby in question needs to be removed from that parent(?) pending the outcome of a board convened to decide their fitness as a parent. My god, the insanity out there.

  14. “The problem? Domperidone isn’t healthy for the baby.”

    Yeah. Letting a profoundly mentally ill person have intimate contact with an infant is only problematic if it involves dosing the infant with drugs not approved by the FDA. Hey, why don’t you toss that brat in the basement with my Great Dane, while we go grab a couple a beers? Don’t worry. He had a flea dip last week.

  15. This “woman” is not a mother.

    No mother would willfully subject her child to any potential danger like this.

    “She” prioritizes herself over a defenseless human being.

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