Transgender worker sues Nike for $1.1 million after coworkers fail to adhere to “they/them” pronoun request

disrn: A former Nike contractor who identifies as “transmasculine” and prefers the pronouns “they/them/their” is suing the company for $1.1 million, claiming that she was repeatedly “misgendered” by coworkers and that management failed to implement strict policies ensuring use of her preferred gender pronouns in the workplace.


Jazz Lyles, a biological female, worked for Nike for a little more than one year as a programmer making $62.50 per hour. MORE

32 Comments on Transgender worker sues Nike for $1.1 million after coworkers fail to adhere to “they/them” pronoun request

  1. If they don’t know what the fuck they are, how do they expect us to keep up?
    Pretty much draw the line of acceptability at gays, accept, not endorse sodomy.
    I accept abortion too, it’s still murder.
    Preferred pronouns, it’s getting to be a Chinese restaurant with all the choices.

  2. Is that a painted on mustache? Yikes, and dorky nerd glasses as well. I would use the pronoun it to describe she/he, gadzooks what is it really, who knows. Can’t we also call her a freak like they used to be able to do before political correctness blurred the distinctions between male and female. And did this chick also get an addadicktome to turn her into a guy or does she still have her original equipment that she was born with.

  3. I just love that Nike the liberal ran corp has a scuzzy leftist, who they fawn over, sink his teeth right in their bloated ass.

  4. I’m sure she knows there are companies who would bother with the pronoun stupidity.
    But they probably don’t have that kinda cash that’s worth suing frivolously for.

  5. Nike is on the other side, the one that opposes mine, so I really don’t care about the situations and difficulties caused by their own side that they end up facing.

    They could go out of business and disappear into history and I doubt I would even notice they were gone,


    Any second now, Nike will cave and pay “IT” in an out of court settlement.

    God have mercy on us.

  7. I’ve said before, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

    I’m taking all that back and suing 1.1 million each time I’ve had to say that, with compound interest.

  8. …let me fix this. Seeing as how Nike is off the rails anyway, and that the only cause Nike serves is Satan’s of division and disunion, I will henceforth refer to anyone who serves Nike as “Asshole”.

    Ne exceptions.

    Fair enough? Actually, don’t care, just leave me the fuck OUT of your mental illness and go peddle your footwear to the Chinese.

    I ain’t having it.

  9. …also, you are there to do a job. If the job is not “Prostitute”, what’s in your pants, what you call it, and what you do with it is completely irrelevant.


    …just go code and shut the fuck UP about your crotch.


    If you can’t do THAT, I see no reason anyone should EVER hire you for ANYTHING but a freak show…

  10. That lady is seriously mentally ill
    Mentally ill people need help, not being made the overseer of everybody around them and whatever words they choose.
    This is tyranny
    Bitch needs to step off and go see a doctor that got his degree prior to liberal dominance of the medical profession

  11. You can’t win with those effing freaks. But as Gin said, I love it that “it” bit the hand that fed it. F*** you too Nike just for being you.

  12. George Waters
    DECEMBER 22, 2019 AT 11:44 AM
    “At 62.50$ an hour I’ll tolerate any pronoun.”

    …bear in mind that the cost of living in liberal enclaves is significantly higher due to economic illiteracy, so that $62.50 here in the sticks spends more like $6.25 in LoopyLand…

  13. “…This is particularly true when a person is misgendered repeatedly on a daily basis.”

    I’m thinking only ONE person is ‘misgendered’ and it’s self inflicted.

  14. The world I was born into in 1944 is almost completely devoid of and sensibility or traditional American culture. I am truly saddened by the mentally challenged changing this country.

  15. The thing who hired it should pay the $1.1 Million.

    Be cheaper to make a donation to the Clinton Foundation and have it Arkancided.

    izlamo delenda est …

  16. @geoff

    “or does she still have her original equipment that she was born with.”

    Yep – still got those double X chromosomes! 😳

  17. If someone is using pronouns they are talking ABOUT you. They are not talking TO you, and you should have no say in their language.


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