Transurrections break out across US; as aggressive and violent trans mobs storm state capitols – IOTW Report

Transurrections break out across US; as aggressive and violent trans mobs storm state capitols

Following the deadly shooting at a Tennessee Christian school by a transgender woman masquerading as a man, trans mobs across the country are lashing out in violent and aggressive ways.

Audrey Hale, an emotionally disturbed and very confused woman, entered her former elementary school and murdered six people, including three 9-year-old children.

Right after the deadly rampage by their “sister-brother” in arms, the increasingly violent and unhinged trans community vowed to hold their “day of vengeance” on April 1st in DC.

However, it seems as if they’re kicking off the vengeance early; as mobs of angry trans soldiers storm US state capitols.

The militant “trans army” is suited up, ready for combat, apparently.

And it’s no wonder these mentally ill people are so worked up. The Biden White House is actually egging them on, even after six people were slaughtered just days ago. MORE

15 Comments on Transurrections break out across US; as aggressive and violent trans mobs storm state capitols

  1. Time to start shooting back. I believe it was npotus who said, “ You don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.”

    Ok…point made. Shoot back, and remember the first rule of self-defense: You stop shooting when there is no longer a threat.

  2. trans-its proceed @ your own risk, like the rest of the obidens

  3. These ass-clowns are the new walking dead. Their brains have been eaten away by leftist lies. They are now criminally insane. We will have to deal with them until they are no longer a threat. There is no room for them in a decent, civil society. I will never allow them to rob me of my freedoms.

  4. What did these demons expect when you start pumping power male hormones into little girls bodies?

  5. As in a bunch are gonna be in the same place at the same time? Hmmm.

  6. The greatest threat to American Democracy!

    It’s Pearl Necklace Harbour and they are all Straped-On with Mags Full of Ass Lube.

  7. Rioters and Looters should be shot on sight. this is the only way to stop it. After you do the first group and they know you will do it. Odds are it will stop. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you added shoplifters to the group.

  8. He will never be she.
    She will never be he.
    He will never give birth.
    She will never be a sperm donor.

    No matter how many times you pray to Satan it ain’t possible.
    If you can’t live with it then kill yourself while not harming others – they certainly didn’t make the rules – God did.

    And if you don’t like what God did you will be able to tell him as he sends you to your eternally chosen home in hell.

  9. Kcir,the greatest threat to Canadian goats & sheep.

  10. Where I come from that’s referred to as a “target-rich environment”.
    Carry on; don’t waste ammo.

  11. 𝒞𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓀𝑒𝓇FJB𝒷𝒶𝒷𝓎

    Why do these conversations have to get personal when discussing mental illness???

  12. I am Spartacus? No, but I do a mean Rooftop Korean

  13. Marxists using these mental deficients on the front line. The left’s cannon fodder.

  14. simple solution is “you first” policy. if any group feels so strongly about the 2nd amendment dissolution, then by all means you go first. lead by example. gitty up and take your chances with the degraded civil society. reminder: the laws are on the books for self governing in a civil society. the unbiased expert class (science, medicine, media, government …) is virtually non existent in america and those who do speak out are gagged socially and professionally. the time for civil debate is over. you cannot have a civil debate with the mirror and expect positive results. real change comes when the bias judicial system and the bias expert class embrace the wisdom of the ages. the kind of wisdom that has given citizens a chance to pursue in safety the freedom of every living being. there are no historical accounts of any government that has not failed, so choose wisely and hope the powers that be are inclined to cooperate. (not very likely). the more likely outcome is the self destruction of man, as it is documented time and time again in history. prepare for anarchy as you watch the citizenry divide into oblivion.


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