Tree Symbolizing Friendship, Planted By Trump and Macron, Has Died

The symbolism of this symbolism is pretty symbolic.

Wash Exam-

The tree, harvested from Belleau Wood, one of the bloodiest battles in World War I for American forces, disappeared from the White House lawn shortly after it was planted.

Gerard Araud, then-French ambassador to the U.S., said the tree had been quarantined, “which is mandatory for any living organism imported into the US.” He said the tree would later be replanted.

But the tree has since died in quarantine, according to French media reports.

The relationship between Trump and Macron has also seen better times. The two leaders disagree over a range of issues, including Iran and commitments to international security.


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  1. Tests revealed a high concentration of urine in the soil. Forensics, using DNA testing, determined that it came from Jim Acosta, Chuck Schumer, Robert Mueller and frighteningly, Nancy Pelosi.

  2. The last great Frenchman was Lafeyette.

    Young experienced soldier, effective, good leader. He and his wife were imprisoned in France for a period of time.

    But before that he was in redoubts in Yorktown, October, 1781 with non other than Alexander Hamilton not that far away in hi own redoubt also commanding troops.

    He was a HUGE confident of Washington and Jefferson.

    One of those cats that had a few lives.

  3. They planted it in Michelle Obama’s former vegetable garden.
    No wonder it died; that tranny pisses Round-Up.


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