Trey Gowdy’s Recent Activity Highlights Deep State Action Against Devin Nunes

CTH: Something has become increasingly weird about the DOJ and FBI intransigence at releasing the two-page “Electronic Communication” (“EC”) that was written by CIA Director John Brennan to initiate the July 2016 FBI Counterintelligence operation against the campaign of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The weird something is: According to CIA Director John Brennan’s May 2017 testimony he personally briefed the Gang of Eight members, including Devin Nunes, “individually” in 2016, on that origination document.  As such, in 2018 Devin Nunes would only be seeking a review of a document he was already briefed on.

Now think about this.

Why would the U.S. intelligence apparatus be withholding physical documents from Devin Nunes that supposedly would contain the same information previously briefed?

It just doesn’t make sense….. unless.  Well, unless, the Brennan origination document and the briefing Brennan gave to House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes, don’t match.

Which leads to another reconciliation of behavior by the administrative state.  If it is indeed true the Brennan EC doesn’t match the briefing, there would have been a specific motive for entities within the usurping enterprise to remove Nunes from the origin of the ‘insurance policy‘ execution phase.  Which, factually, is exactly what happened.

Removing Nunes allows the placement of a control agent.  The DC process of putting a strategic political person at the center of the known risk is very familiar.  Accepting the latest developments against the known activity within the ‘Spygate’ issue, it is likely that control agent was/is Trey Gowdy for all the aforementioned reasons.

Additionally, accepting U.S. Person Carter Page was used to gain a FISA warrant to conduct surveillance upon the Trump campaign, and post-election the Trump transition team, the fact that HPSCI Chairman Devin Nunes was on the transition team beginning around November 11th, 2016, likely means Nunes was under FBI and DOJ surveillance for the duration of the FISA Title-1 surveillance warrant until it expired late October 2017.

Again, think about it.  Chairman Devin Nunes was presumably briefed in August/September, 2016, by the CIA Director who was facilitating the origination of contact with all foreign agents and operatives assisting in the Spygate endeavor.  MORE

20 Comments on Trey Gowdy’s Recent Activity Highlights Deep State Action Against Devin Nunes

  1. Gowdy the “aw shucks” country hick went to the dark side some time back. For all his bluster when first seated, he was quickly and easily bought. It takes true character to keep honest in that atmosphere and he is just another that failed.

  2. Dont think that Trump was the only guy spied on by the liberals. I am sure they pulled out the “Gowdy Tapes Folder” and let him listen in on some of his phone calls from years ago. Pictures of dinner with a strange female. Might even show him how they would kill a family member.

  3. Gowdey’s job is to get Jeff Sessions fired and replace him as AG. The foggy part is determining who he is loyal to,.. Trump, Brennan or someone yet unknown (maybe Hillary?). Either way, it is unlikely that anyone will face trial for sedition.

  4. “Soundbite” Gowdy perfected the art of fake sincerity. How’d you become a millionaire on your House salary while in office, Trey?

  5. Gowdy looked good during Obama’s years. He could hold hearing after hearing and claim he was unable to get anything resolved because of the administration and dems.
    Now he can’t hide any longer. Now he has to put up or shut up.

  6. Mark Levin has been pointing out what an idiot Gowdy is and what a Gadfly he has become. Napalatono has been consistently wrong as well lately.

  7. Had you taken out you wallet and PAID ATTENTION you’d a known Trey was a leftist liar. He talked like a conservative against Lois Lerner . But when time to do something he helped her stay out of jail!


  8. Gowdy outed himself as compromised by exonerating the FBI based on a document he never saw. And I’d wager Brennan’s briefing of Nunes was done one on one and Nunes is not allowed to discuss the content, which never contained the information Brennan is implying it did.

  9. Brennan showed Goudy the file on the pandemic soon to be released to reduce the world population by five billion, leaving copious resources for the survivors lucky enough to be in a Government Bunker.
    Then Brennan told him he could play ball or decide which one of his children he can leave outside

  10. All I can say about gowdy is that if he were more like mueller, the investigation into fast & furious and a score of other Obama admin. transgressions would still be actively investigated

  11. Maybe the Deep State (AKA, The Power Behind The Throne, AKA Globalists) gets to all of them, eventually.

    Do we have enough confidence in Trump that he will never be part of it?

  12. Let me break it down for ya’ all. I have heard a half dozen radio hosts comment on Trey Gowdy and not one of them have it right.

    Trey Gowdy knows the history of the Chicago Democrat machine and the machinations they went to to get the lightworker elected to the Illinois Senate, &c. He has seen first hand that they have the goods on John Roberts and he is well aware of the fact that the Justice Dept, CIA, FBI and GOd knows which other federal agencies have been being used from 2009-2016 to spy on political opponents.

    OK, Trey Gowdy knows first hand what he has done he also knows what they are capable of and he knows that should they release what they have on him he is ruined.

    They don’t need to threaten him or even point out what they have on him. He knows that with exclusive and unfettered control of the CIA & FBI’s resources for eight years that they have a log of every time he took a piss and didn’t wash his hands and he also knows that they have all the details of what it is he really, really, really, really doesn’t want the public to know.

    He is letting them know that he understands how the game is played.

  13. He was on an episode of Forensics Files when he was prosecutor of whatever state. I could tell the guy wants to be an actor- he’s all about showmanship and grandstanding. (until it’s time for him to actually DO something about an issue in front of him. *eye roll*) He even had one of his hairstyles going on the show. It wasn’t pretty. His hair looked like the thin and moist feathers of a newly hatched bird. Blech.

  14. His change in net worth makes me think he has been bought by the deep state establishment. He’s fulfilling obligations as their vassal before leaving Congress.


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