Trial delayed over spying on Navy SEAL’s defense team

“What we believed is that the judge authorized prosecutors to spy on the defense team,” Parlatore said. “Now looking at things, it appears that prosecutors may have lied to the judge and that he didn’t authorize it and he didn’t know what they were really doing.”

Does that sound familiar?


Daily Caller: 

Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s trial was delayed Wednesday to allow an investigation into the prosecution’s use of malware to spy on several parties associated with the defense.

Malware was discovered weeks earlier embedded in a logo just above lead prosecutor Cmdr. Christopher Czaplak’s signature on several emails that went to military and civilian defense attorneys for both Gallagher and his supervisor, Lt. Jacob Portier, as well as Navy Times editor Carl Prine.

Czaplak’s office admitted to placing the malware, arguing that it was intended to discover who had leaked information about the case to Prine, who had broken several stories containing information that the court had ordered not to be released to the media.

Upon further investigation into the malware, however, an Air Force information security team determined that it was actually a “splunk tool” designed to give the sender access not just to communications, which likely would have been enough to uncover any potential leaks, but to the recipient’s entire computer and all files on that computer.  more here

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  1. “I think the computers have complicated lives very greatly. The whole, you know, age of computer has made it where nobody knows exactly what’s going on. We have speed and we have a lot of other things, but I’m not sure you have the kind of security you need,”–President Elect Trump, Dec. 2016

    The media roundly scorned him for this. Can you imagine the shit the Deep State would have done if Trump had used email?

  2. Not an “investigation” – just a “matter.”

    The “judge” is probably a pederast, a sterno-drinker, or a fuckin mental retard – and “allowed” the prosecution to get away with illegal activities because the political pressure was on for a conviction.

    Just as with the “judge” who signed off on the Steele dossier-based FISA warrant, there was no “due diligence” and that’s supposed to exonerate the “judge” but, in a sane world, would convict him of incompetence (or Treason).

    Our pols and “judges” keep braying about how stupid they are as excuses for their criminal behaviors – and we keep buying it and letting them off the hook (out of the noose).

    These people need to pay for their criminal transgressions – not be rewarded with fat pensions and Wall Street Board Seats.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I have known many “Froggies”/SEALS. Starting with Cliff, killed by the Chinese 2 months before a Russian sleeper (disgruntled,”other than honorable” discharged Jarhead) killed JFK. All are/were: smart, hardworking, brave Americans! I would fight with any and all!

    that this man was a CPO (Gunny to Jarheads) tells me the NAVY (at least most) considered him a good warrior and a good leader!

    He seems to be a “Straw Man” set up by the “Deep State”. I say this since the NAVY is sending his folk “malware” embedded emails to spy on him and his! this smells like McCaines “SPYGATE”!

    Which for the umpteenth time proves the President was right in his ’82 State of the Union, “ the government will never solve our problems … THE GOVERNMENT IS OUR PRBLEM!”!$!?%^&#!

    McCain is dead but his friend live!

  4. Military members convicted, and Flag officers promoted, on Ocommie’s watch should get automatic reviews.

  5. Hmmm, the article doesn’t name the judge initially thought to have authorized the spying, but now they, the defense team, believes the judge may have been lied to by the prosecutors.

    The article does state that Judge (Cmdr) Aaron Rugh has delayed the trial for the investigation into the spying. But is he the same judge who was initially thought to have authorized the spying, ah er surveillance, or whatever name the choose to use. However, this isn’t the first time Aaron Pugh has been in the middle of controversial story. Found innocent and promoted, of course. .

  6. Only the Daily Caller is covering this aspect of the story (as far as I could find). The rest of the media is all preoccupied with trying to connect President Trump with the defense team (as if that was a crime). Looks like the JAG corps is another swamp that needs draining.

  7. an ol exaJahead,
    “McCain is dead but his friend live!”

    With “friends” like those, who needs enemas?

  8. @Blink: Good catch. Did you notice he was sworn in just a few days before Barry left office. Another embedded swamp creature.

  9. If I had to worry about REMF JAG Officers second
    guessing my actions while the enemy was shooting
    at me I sure as hell would not go anywhere near
    Combat Arms.

  10. The Left hates the SEAL teams. They’re all-male, mostly white, very patriotic and they believe in using violence against bad guys. Of course they won’t to take this guy down.

  11. I also want to say that I don’t give two sh*ts if this guy stabbed an ISIS prisoner in the chest with a knife. When you join ISIS you surrender your human rights. How many NAZI prisoners did we take when we invaded France? Very few, if any.


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