Triller video app offers TikTok alternative

FOX: A growing number of social media influencers are leaving TikTok over security concerns and migrating to a growing platform called Triller.

Some journalists and social media users have expressed concern that a potential U.S. TikTok ban could leave some creators, especially those who monetize content, in a tough position. A July 10 New York Times article noted that the app has offered a sense of community for some of its younger users during the coronavirus pandemic, and a livelihood for others.

But there has been bipartisan agreement that the app’s security concerns outweigh its benefits, and with a highly competitive tech and social media market in the U.S., there are alternatives for users to continue content creation and monetization.

About half of TikTok’s top 300 influencers have ditched TikTok for a similar but American app called Triller, according to Ryan Kavanaugh, a principal executive behind Triller and an entertainment industry expert. more

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