Trouble-Feature! Escaped killer tells all / 12 prison staffers suspended

Throws Shaw-skank under the bus.

Captured killer David Sweat gave cops a blow-by-blow of his escape and time on the run with fellow fugitive Richard Matt — revealing that their original plan was to flee to Mexico with the help of Shaw-skank prison worker Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell. [more at link]

prison escapee

12 prison staffers suspended after convicted killers escape.

State prison officials announced a major shake-up Tuesday at the maximum-security slammer where two convicted killers broke out and led authorities on a 23-day manhunt.

A “new leadership team” is being installed at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, with three top-ranking officials and nine security staffers suspended, according to a statement from the Department of Corrections and Community Service. [more at link]


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  1. Similar escape from Elmira NY max prison in 2003. With the protection of the unions and civil service it would not stretch to conclude some of those suspended may have been moved/assigned to Clinton max.

  2. I think there should be periodic weekly escapes from max security prisons.

    Blow the sirens, announce “Pull!” over the bull horns and give the human skeet a half hour lead.

    Sell permits; you’ll have a huge surplus in the state budget within six months.

  3. “He had sardines with him when he was killed, sources said.”

    Try and top THAT for a eulogy!

  4. Not just a budget surplus, but also a greatly reduced need for prison space….


  5. Yeah, I had a short ride with Road and Bridge for a big county….Uncle Al underestimated the corruption and waste….and that’s at friggin’ “Road and Bridge!”… GFY, I’ve seen enough of your posts to know that ain’t you…..someday you’ll tell all of the cheese….LOL….I love your comments…

  6. What if Sweat or Matt had found it necessary to kill again in order to make good their escape? Every anti-death penalty advocate should have their noses rubbed in this event ad nauseam.

  7. MY wish-sickle hopes it was named that for the new Clinton inmates coming in 2016…named Clinton….I hope they have day care for Chelsea’s newest….( A wish- sickle is like an ice-sickle because it melts before your wish comes true )…Lately, most of mine just end up looking like I pissed meself…. : )

  8. Ironic that the Clinton Correctional Facility bears the name of one of America’s most corrupt families. Perfect; an institution of incompetence and corruption.

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