Trouble In Paradise

Health officials in Hawaii are sounding the alarm that they may be seeing an epidemic of “rat lung worm.” As its name implies, it’s a round worm that spends part of its lifecycle in rats, but can also get on locally grown fruits and vegetables when it’s carried by snails. When infecting humans it travels through the blood stream to the brain and causes meningitis, which can be fatal or causes brain damage.

So far they have nine confirmed and three more possible cases on Maui and the big island. They are warning people to properly wash their fruits and vegetables.


I suddenly don’t feel so bad about it snowing here yesterday.

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  1. Progressive Democrat Party — infecting humans it travels through the blood stream to the brain and causes brain damage and excessive whining.

  2. Stayed on the big island for a while.
    Racist shit hole.
    12 hours after hiding and escaping from some local boys out to ‘fuck up a haole’ (I made the mistake of being white and alone) I was witness to a beautiful presentation on the ‘friendliness of the islands’ and how Aloha means Love, by the douchebag Hawaiian Welcome Society at the airport as I got the hell out of there.
    I hope that volcano goes off so hard it deafens everybody on the west coast of the United States

  3. Dang I thought for sure this story would be about Barry playing Neked and Afraid with the Tahitian young males.

  4. So, Hawaii’s scheme to welcome thousands of unhealthy vagrants, druggies, alcoholics, homeless, losers, fugitives, unwashed, unpotty trained, mentally deranged, deadbeats, parasites, leeches and others prone to vote democrat, didn’t work out so well?

  5. I cannot find the picture of the lady with the infected ovary in the unique women section

  6. How did that whole importing of mongoose to kill rats
    help you there Hawaii? You phucking morons!
    All that did was piss off your feral cat population
    that you can’t control either.

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