Troubled Actor Kills Himself After Apology Letter To Trump and QAnon

We covered some of his troubles HERE.

Epoch Times-

An actor who died after police said he “forced himself off a bridge” posted a rambling apology to President Donald Trump and the QAnon movement before his death.

Isaac Kappy, 42, died on May 13 in Bellmont, Arizona, reported TMZ.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety confirmed his death as an apparent suicide.

Arizona Department of Public Safety spokesperson Bart Graves wrote in a statement cited by PEOPLE that the actor had “forced himself off the Transwestern Rd. bridge onto Interstate 40.”

After falling onto the I-40, Kappy was reportedly hit by a Ford truck.

“We don’t know why Mr. Kappy took his own life,” Graves wrote in an email cited by TMZ.

Several people tried to restrain him from jumping but failed.

No one else was injured in the incident.

Before his death, Kappy left a cryptic Instagram post: “Beware the man has nothing to lose, for he has nothing to protect.”

“See the light in others … This lesson has come too late for me, but perhaps it can inspire you. I will be using the remainder of my time on earth to atone for my transgressions, and to seek the light within, in others and myself,” he wrote.

The troubled actor also apologized to Trump and included numerous references to the QAnon movement, writing, “While I supposedly wanted to make America great, I have not put much work AT ALL into making MYSELF great … To the Q movement, I am so sorry I have brought shame upon the greatest military operation of all time … Q says they give people enough rope to hang themselves, and I have hung myself. I have told people in the Trump administration that I am willing to admit to my many crimes in a public setting, and committed to execution, in a public setting.”

Kappy also apologized to Jesus, saying, “you offered so much, and instead of reveling in your wisdom, I used my attention on darkness.”


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  1. Sounds like he was pretty certain he deserved to go. Too bad for the guy in the truck, that would make for a bad day to hit someone like that.

  2. That truck driver will unfortunately have some form of PTSD as a result of running over a person that falls…from out of no where…horrible for everyone, many many people affected by ONE persons bad failed decisions and what a decision that was…

    I even wonder if the driver feels guilty because he probably considers himself a professional driver and has logged thousands and thousands of miles, maybe not.

  3. Rick, when guilty people want you dead, you suicide yourself.

    Isaac Kappy, An Actor Talking About Hollywood Pedophilia & Naming Names Has Died
    May 15, 2019 renegade
    “Approximately a year ago, he began speaking up about Hollywood sex cults and pedophilia, and he named a lot of names like Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Seth Green and many many more. These videos are all over Youtube. At the same time he began speaking out, many mainstream outlets all of sudden, like TMZ, were publishing weird information about him, like the idea that he was supposedly involved in abusing and choking Paris Jackson, a former good friend of his, for example. It was weird to say the least, especially given the fact that it happened when he began to share what he was sharing.
    Again, you can find many of his videos about that all over Youtube.”

    Entertainment Lawyer: Heather O’Rourke Was Killed By Hollywood Pedophile Ring
    December 12, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai
    “Then they had her start dancing. All of these guys were doing what another star at that same studio got busted for. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then three of the guys took her to a different area of the studio.”

    The actress didn’t see what happened, but about 45 minutes later, one of those three guys came running out and needed a set medic. Apparently they had inserted something inside the girl and things were bad. The medic came and the ambulance came. The parents of the girl were told some crap story.

    That crap story ended up killing the girl because the parents believed the executives.”

  4. The incoherent ramblings of a disintegrated mind, likely the result of ingesting liberal ideas that invertibly lead to a meaningless dead end. I expect there will be a lot more leftist suicides in the coming years.

  5. I know not what drove the man, but am sorry if he truly did take his own life. I think prayers for his immortal soul would be appropriate.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  6. @tRuth – I dug deeper than you did. I read the comments section…

    This guy did a periscope ONLY days ago…YIKES.

    Watched the first two minutes, I cannot be bothered (too long and have to much other shit to do) so you can watch the whole 1:20:00 and report back to us…you can have at it…

    @Horatio – he was a Ford pickup driver turns out, not professional per se, to you point yes very traumatic.

  7. Why?! Why ? Why couldn’t have been Adam Schiff that forced himself off a 100 story building?

  8. With his stated beliefs, he dropped right into Hell and is now without hope. Truly sad that he either never heard the saving good news, or had heard but rejected it, because what he hinted at isn’t even close.

  9. @Aaron, I just put new Monroe shocks on my f250, I doubt he’d have registered as even a bump in the road.

  10. Aw, this old 66F100 has….had…one of those super cool 400 pound solid chrome bumpers.

    But yeah, in retrospect, I should have gone for the shock absorber upgrade.


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