Truck Runs Over Anti-Fracking Protester Standing In Middle Of Street

This happened in Lancashire, England.
No, he didn’t die, yes, there is video.

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  1. This needs to happen every time these protesters block the road. It would only take 3 or 4 times before they figure out its a bad idea.

  2. He tried to get out of the way and barely made it. To my eye the truck didn’t run over him and didn’t even “hit” him in the usual sense, but he lost his balance pushing himself away around its left front corner. Still could have done damage, as falling to the pavement and hitting one’s head could cause serious brain damage. If, that is…

  3. It looks to me as if he bounced his stupid self off the truck to make it look as if the truck hit him. He could and should have gotten out of the way. What a jackass.

  4. Please note: if the investigator isn’t doing a Searle min/max calculation for the body, the vehicle operator didn’t properly impact the pedestrian.

    Lie the song sez, the only things in the middle of the road are “…dead racoons and joggers.”

  5. From the linked article:

    Llew said “we are campaigning against fracking because of the impact it can have on the environment, which is the most important part of this, but also there’s the impact it has on health, communities and it creates wealth that is going to benefit only certain people.”

    There’s so much crap here I don’t know where to begin wiping.
    1. Fracking has virtually no impact on the environment, especially when compared to other energy extraction methods.
    2. No one has found any actual fracking related health impacts at all.
    3. The impact on communities is limited to the unhappiness of stupid eco-weenies. Suck it up, eco-weenies.
    4. The wealth it creates only benefit those certain people who have invested time, money, and/or effort. It creates no wealth for the lazy or otherwise uninvolved. So, Llew, you simply want to rip off money earned by others to which you have no claim. Gotch. You’re a wanna-be crook.

  6. See! See!! More proof that fossil fuels are dangerous!!!


    The planet is stable. It is the enviroMENTALists that are not.

  7. I’m guessing Mom didn’t teach him the first lesson – come in out of the rain if you don’t want to get wet – and things went downhill from there.

  8. It looks like the truck swerved around him and he grabbed the door handle and then let go and dropped. I wonder what his injuries weee. I confess to not reading the whole story.

  9. England you say? All that soccer training pays off. Act like you’ve been hit well enough and the other guy gets a yellow, or even a red card.

    In the US of A, if you have to run over a protester, just say, “But Your Honor, I was in fear for my life! I thought the protesters were gonna drag me out of my car and beat me to death, like they tried to do to Reginald Denny!”

  10. Not efficient but its still effective. Good job, but next time back over the lame brain and finish him.

  11. If they don’t actually die, you can’t in all fairness paint the kill on the side of your truck, like the fighter pilots used to do, can you?

  12. this moron actually skips with glee over to his liberal position on the highway…hit him again, hit him again, harder harder!

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