Trudeau funds Hamas through UNRWA after shortfall left by Trump

Sheila Gunn Reid of The Rebel.Media reports: Our American friends have taken a strong, moral stance against the PLO and Fatah’s exploitation of perennial Palestinian refugees but Canada’s Liberals offer our tax dollars to these exploiters of human misery and their terrorist benefactors in Hamas. MORE

6 Comments on Trudeau funds Hamas through UNRWA after shortfall left by Trump

  1. It’s easy to see why problems drag on for years. Find a solution and then some stupid fucking group of liberals comes along and undermines the efforts. The stupidity is just mind boggling.

  2. Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party leader is now starting ads introducing himself to the Canadian people and raising his and the parties profile in advance of next years election. The next wave of ads should be ones exposing things like this, the pipeline debacles, the trade talk disaster, the graft in his government, the foreign trip ridicule, the vacations he has taken. The list is almost endless. With support from provinces that are Conservative the Liberals will hopefully be destroyed in the Federal election just as they were in the last Ontario and Quebec provincial elections.

  3. The little sissy doesn’t learn too quickly. Trump’s going to have to take him out to the woodshed again.

  4. Peel back the tiniest portion of the kind, compassionate, love-for-all-the-world mask of any Leftist and you will glimpse the black, soulless, blood drenched skull of the most foul of all possible human Evil.


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