Trudeau goes bungee jumping – IOTW Report

Trudeau goes bungee jumping

Watch Here.
I can’t wait to see the memes.

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  1. Fuck Him!

    And Fuck anyone who voted for him the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Time, even worse than him!

  2. “Based on Turdeau’s weight you said I should set the bungee cord length at 57 meters. WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 57 FEET?!”

  3. “It’s a plane! It’s a bird!”
    A loonie?
    “Sorta, ehh, it’s just the effeminate bastard son of Fidel Castro.”

  4. Oh! “Bungee”; I thought the title said Turdeaux went “bunghole” jumping and thought that sounds about right but I don’t need to read about his activities.

  5. I’d rather see him out in rough seas about 40 feet away from the boat, then throw him a life ring on a 25 foot rope, shrug my shoulders and say: “Hey, I met ya more than halfway asshole!”

  6. Would have been more enjoyable to watch if that were a concrete parking lot that he jumped on to.

  7. I had to start making 80 US dollars per-hr. to complete some hand-mouth-and-bended-knee services from home.

    I started doing this after I refused to believe my County road working father was stealing from his job, but when I got home all the signs were there.

    And, just recently I decided to sell my vacuum cleaner as all it was doing was just gathering dust.

  8. Well Sarah 5540, at least you’re a refreshing change from the on-line, at home big bucks generating bots we usually see. You’re a “hand-mouth-and-bended-knee services from home.” prostitute. At least you’re honest. But at $80 an hour, you must not be very good.

  9. According to that beautiful Dutch girl with the unpronounceable name whose picture has graced this site, Canada and the Netherlands have been chosen by the WEF/UN/Resetters as the countries to act as the laboratories for their deadly schemes. I don’t know if that’s correct but the Son of Castro and the Hoo-er is stupid and weak enough to go along.

  10. I can’t imagine the protection detail for a head of state of a real country allowing their guy to engage in such behavior.

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