Trudeau government’s gun ban will be challenged in federal court

The Post Millennial: The Liberal government’s recent gun ban is being challenged by a firearm-rights group which is taking the issue to federal court to challenge its constitutionality, according to Global News.

The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights believes the rifles are suitable for hunting as well as sporting purposes as they have been used by shooters in this way for many years.

A large number of guns were outlawed by the Liberal government earlier this month with the argument that they are meant for the battlefield and not for hunting or sport shooting.

The ban is on 1,500 different models of what are being called assault-style weapons which means they can’t be legally used, imported or sold.

The coalition is asking that the court disallow the regulations as unlawful and outside of the federal cabinet’s powers.

In the coalition’s application to the court, it said there is “no persuasive evidence” that reclassifying the guns will decrease mass shootings or increase public safety. read more

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  1. as long as Canada does not have a Constitution or a 2nd Amendment guaranteeing the people right to keep & bear arm, they are fooked

    … as the rest of the ‘enlightened’ globalist/communist western countries

  2. He passed it with an order in council with no debate, no vote on it, during a minority government. That is what was so underhanded.


    With the type of people we have in government, when they get back, the little Turd will re-introduce it & they WILL vote on it.

    Unfortunately, a few conservatives will buckle (2 or 3), the socialists, the liberals, the greens (only 1 elected), & some of the Quebec separatists will all pass what ever new version comes up.

    Try to explain to the Idiots in Toronto that even with COVID-19 lock downs people are getting shot due to drug turf wars & gang shit all with illegal, unregistered, guns of which they are handguns that are not included in this legislation.

    This will most likely just delay the path the misinformed Citiots & sinister politicians are on.

  3. Molon, regardless our vaunted Constitution, we may be fooked anyway. In any event, I believe that violence, pestilence, and starvation are in our future (US, Canada, and the West in general).

  4. Canadians are … well … Canadian!
    Subjection is their history.
    They remained loyal to George because they were comfortable in that subjection.

    Nothing wrong with that, of course, but when your gov’t moves to disarm you, for no apparent reason, it should raise some suspicion. Even a slave would be a tad curious when his massah orders him to be chained to a wall when he hasn’t failed in any of his duties or backtalked the overseer.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. They COULDA joined us in 1776, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… they LIKED being a repressed, socialist, satellite of MUTHA England! 🙄

    Looks like your CHICKENS… have come HOME… to ROOST! 😳

  6. Bobcat @

    Xinada could also work.

    Bob M. @

    I wish we did join you in 1776.
    Canadians do not realize that the English in WW1, WW2, would send in the military units from the Colonies first in many cases. Ask Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Gurkhas, Indians, etc.

    and I still have to read french on every Fucking bottle of Ketchup in Ontario!

  7. What are being called “assault-style” weapons. Dumbest term ever! There is no such thing as an assault rifle. Understand? However,if someone were to beat someone with said weapon, then I guess it would be “assault WITH a rifle”. This term being used all the time in “news” stories makes me very grumpy. I feel better now.


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