Trudeau Labels Question About Putting Returning ISIS Jihadis In Jail As “Islamophobia”


[Robert Spencer] This is a classic example of how the “Islamophobia” smear works. Scheer asked: “When will the Prime Minister take the security of Canadians seriously and look for ways to put these ISIS fighters in jail?”


Trudeau answered that the Conservatives “ran an election on snitch lines against Muslims, they ran an election on Islamophobia and division, and still they play the same games, trying to scare Canadians.”

In other words, it’s Scheer’s fault, and he is a bad person, for being concerned about the security of Canadians.

The very concept of “Islamophobia” is a war-on-reality term designed to intimidate people into thinking that it’s wrong and bigoted to oppose jihad terror.

The security question is real, and the concern is real, but Trudeau is saying that it is some moral defect on the part of Scheer and the Conservatives to be concerned.

This strategy could easily blow up in Trudeau’s face, but even then he will double and triple and quadruple down, and claim that the Conservatives’ “Islamophobia” is what drove the returning Islamic State jihadis to jihad.  read more

22 Comments on Trudeau Labels Question About Putting Returning ISIS Jihadis In Jail As “Islamophobia”

  1. The conditions of reintegration should be as follows:
    Must be able to sing national anthem in both English and French
    Must be able to score slap shot from blue line
    Must be able to make and eat pancakes with maple bacon slices

  2. I see a muslim gang rape in prettyboy’s future.
    Maybe someone should send him ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ for Christmas?

  3. I can’t figure out what fantasy world, of complete denial, this type of idiot lives in. It is amazing, even with complete suppression of the truth screamed by victims of the ‘peaceful’ Muslims, the horror stories of jihadi activities is well known.

    A phobia is “an unreasonable, abnormal, and lasting fear of something” (Webster’s dictionary online).

    I really think leftist need to quit labeling, any reasonable lack of welcoming open arms towards a people who are documented destroying everything that they deem ‘infidel’ as a phobia.

    The fears are NOT ‘unreasonable fears’. They are SELF-PRESERVATION.

  4. The beards probably have all they can do to not burst out in laughter at this little kiss ass fool.
    He so easily falls into their clutches like all the lefties.

  5. He was a privileged child with connections who took the homosexual pipeline straight to the top of the Canadian government.

  6. Chances are he will never have to reap the karmic fallout of his decisions. It is the common Canadian going about his business in the street that will pay. So sad.

  7. Intellectual and emotional maturity of a young teen ager. However, he does make half of America look not so stupid for electing our version, Barry the fairy and Butt Ugly.

  8. All intellectual debate is now: 100% name-calling.

    After that is over, people start talking with bullets.

  9. If Scheer takes him on directly and attacks the ISIS radicals then Trudeau will try to turn it into islamophobia and Scheer should be easily able to deflect that by showing some of ISIS’s handiwork in Syria and asking whether Trudeau really wants even the chance of this happening here. With some careful thought and planning and even an unknown at the helm of the Conservative Party Trudeau and his Liberal Cabal should be destroyed in the next election.

  10. It’s Canadian jealousy, we elected the first {and hopefully last} black to the White House so they had to one up us and decided to hire a fag.

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