Trudeau opts to “keep election promise” to Mexicans

Visa requirements to be lifted despite warnings from bureaucrats.

TheRebel: The Three Amigos Summit takes place in Ottawa this week and on the sidelines is a story that Canadians need to know about. Once again, Justin is going to let ideology get in the way of facts as he prepares to lift Visa requirements for those travelling from Mexico.

I’ve previously explained why the Harper government made the decision to make the changes due to the number of economic migrants that were heading to Canada and it was a move that even the very liberal bureaucrats in the immigration department agreed with.

But now, the Trudeau government is making the excuse that lifting those requirements was a promise they made in the election and they intend to keep that promise whether it’s good for Canadians or the real refugees who will now be denied the assistance they need to get to safety in Canada or not.


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  1. A summit meeting of the ‘Three Assholes’. Good, now we can ship our illegal aliens to the socialist paradise up north! Adios Amigos! By the way, what do you call a black, a brown and a prissy looking white?

  2. Canadians voted for this asshole because of the hatchet job done on Harper by the media. Year after year anybody with an axe to grind was given media time to complain about Harper and the conservatives regardless of whether real or imagined. Every complaint was treated like the absolute truth and when proved to be a lie allowed to just disappear without comment. This boy king is the son of Pierre Trudeau, the worst and most damaging Prime Minister Canada has ever known and his son seems to be following in his footsteps. The only hope is that the majority of Canadians smarten up by the next election (by then out economy as well as our international reputation will be in the toilet because of him and his cronies) and kick this fellow so far out of politics that running for dogcatcher would be seen as too much of a step up for him.

  3. Canada. The only country on earth that no one has considered worth the effort of trying to invade and take over, that has never fought a defensive war, is now desperately begging for an invasion so that they may feel as worthy as the rest of the world.

  4. It sounds like JohnSh!tForBrains is
    projecting his own self-loathing
    (par for the course in San Fran, eh, pussy?)
    a wee bit.

  5. Alright! Mexicans, Mexicans in come free! Canada wants you and they are already socialist. Keep shuffling north. Lots of water and open land to resettle! Go North.

  6. JohnS must have run out of Mexican mantequilla for his Rough Trade work, and now has to settle for Canadian Bacon oil.

    How DO you find the time to post with so much business?
    Don’t the pretty boys in San Fran take to your kind?

  7. Burner, Fur got his TU/TD system from a Chinese developer…what you are seeing is (paraphrasing) ”this comment rated too low to display” in Chinese.

    Granted, JohnSh!tForBrains certainly DOES post troll material to bait, but it’s out of sheer boredom I’ll (for one) respond to it.

  8. Sam,
    Yes, all you Mexicans and others below in South America, please come up to the Great White North. Plenty of bears need to be fed, black, brown, grizz, and polar. Canucks ain’t racist, they have bears in all colors, all need to be fed.

  9. Maybe Dudley-do-right will meet them at the border instead of chasing snidely whip lash around all day.

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