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Trudeau Pleads For Mexico To Call A “Time Out”

Realizing that a bilateral trade deal between the US and Mexico was nearing implementation, Canada’s NAFTA negotiating foot dragger, Justin Trudeau, placed a last minute emergency call to Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The Canadian prime minister begged the Mexican leader to delay formal withdraw from NAFTA for 48 hours while his government scrambled to come up with a last minute trade proposal to save Trudeau’s political career. More


5 Comments on Trudeau Pleads For Mexico To Call A “Time Out”

  1. “Who *does* Justine’s eyebrows?! *Love* ’em!” – said in the voice of the -ahem – person who owns that stained glass entry.

  2. I remember a Bar Brawl a few Years back…Dude started some sh*t

    and was getting His Ass handed to Him and He said

    “Time out”

    Guy beating His Ass said

    “It doesn’t really work that way”

    Looked like He was trying to start a cold Chainsaw.

  3. Not one iota of sympathy for him. He was allowed to join the big boys club because he had a famous daddy. Daddy was a lightweight jerk and son is even worse.

    After trying to make political points at home by bashing Trump he is getting exactly what he deserves.


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