Trudeau Visits India – Greeted by Back Bencher


Trudeau was greeted by the minister of state for agriculture.

Trudeau failure

The low esteem in which Trudeau is held overseas by leaders like Modi shows how badly Trudeau has failed.

See the humiliation HERE

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17 Comments on Trudeau Visits India – Greeted by Back Bencher

  1. Despite what the “worldly intellectuals” and their media lapdogs would have us believe, nobody respects these pussified prigs.

  2. Like 0webongo’s first Summit Meeting…They had to find a

    folding chair for Him to sit on…as there was no room at

    the table.

    Then later the no stairs for Air Force One….

  3. As a Canadian and Albertan I have to laugh at all the comments here! I love Trump and all he is doing for America even though some things may be harmful for us in the short term. As the average voter had to suffer through Obama until it hurt, so must the idiots here. Unfortunately it may take another term from that dip shit for it to hurt enough for people to really open their eyes. God bless Trump and America! MAGA!!


    India didn’t provide that tunnel–0bama’s security people did. Remember the ludicrous size of the entourage he traveled with? 😀

  5. Is “Back Bencher” Hindi for “Rump Ranger?”

    Just asking … not that there’s anything wrong with that …

    izlamo delenda est …


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