Trudeau’s Garbage Ship inexplicably returns to the Philippines

The #GarbageShip has turned around on its way to British Columbia and returned to Manila in the Philippines! Jessica Swietoniowski reports from on the ground in Manila.

14 Comments on Trudeau’s Garbage Ship inexplicably returns to the Philippines

  1. How much has this garbage ship cost? Shipping is about cost of delivery. What happens if there is no delivery?

  2. What a pretty young lady.

    Why isn’t anyone incinerating garbage anymore. Makes no sense to put it in landfills. Horrible. A few old steel furnaces with scrubbers for each city would take care of most garbage.

  3. Tried to watch some of the Raptors ceremony today but shit-for-brains was on stage as the boat was heading back to the Philippines for whatever reason and 2 people in the crown got shot. Canada is not the paradise Turdo claims it to be

  4. I’ve been to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side, so since when is Canada opposed to accepting 3rd world garbage?

  5. Little Potato must have brought his remarkable gifts of statesmanship to bear on President Duterte by way of dropped pants diplomacy, much the same as his mentor Obozo.

  6. Castro’s “little squirt” is the laughing stock of the western world and is totally oblivious to it.


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