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True-Duh’s Canada creates Trigger Warning Hotline

Breitbart Tech: The Liberal Canadian government, led by Justin Trudeau, has again made a mockery of itself.

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After siding with social justice warriors in declaring GamerGate to be a sexist movement, along with more recently refusing to respond to any future attack on its citizens by ISIS, they have bowed to the leftist ideal of “trigger warnings.” According to MRCTV, they’ve created a national crisis hotline for anyone triggered by reading certain government websites.  MORE

15 Comments on True-Duh’s Canada creates Trigger Warning Hotline

  1. He’ll be taking in half a million muslim colonizers next.

    Remember ladies, “at an arm’s length”, eh?

    And what Magnum said.

  2. Everything that comes out of Justin’s office gives me a trigger warning…I want to go punch a wall and scream. I think this is going to backfire when Conservatives report everything the Liberals do.

  3. There is a lot of content which gets in the way of building a utopia, ya know. After the content is marked with a trigger warning, it’s a simple matter of hitting a button to make all that content disappear forever.

  4. You could buy Krugerands in Luxembourg back in the 80s, they didn’t pay attention to the sanctions. Of course, as a young E5 I couldn’t afford those. I was dumping waste jet fuel into my Rabbit diesel. Man, Christmas time always makes me nostalgic for Germany.

  5. You could buy Krugerrands in the US all along, but between the years 1984 (when sanctions were imposed) and 1994 (when apartheid ended and sanctions lifted) you couldn’t import the coins. During that period, it was technically illegal to possess coins with the “wrong” dates. All dates are now OK.

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