Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Says She’s Been Fired by Elle Magazine

I’ll Give You One Guess Who She’s Blaming.

13 Comments on Trump Accuser E. Jean Carroll Says She’s Been Fired by Elle Magazine

  1. I imagine the real reason she was canned was that she is a borderline psycho and had the people around her worried about what she may end up doing next.

    Not that it would ever be admitted as such, everything from personal to legal liabilities coming into play if it was.

  2. If she was actually an intelligent woman she’d scream ageism and get an attorney. Instead she screams Trump and they are off the hook.

  3. Getting fired, like shit, happens.
    Be grateful this isn’t Islam, or you would of been stoned to death for being an insolent bitch.
    Move on babe.

  4. She said she was fired because of “Mr. Trump’s repeated insults” toward her. What? Has anyone heard the President mention her in any way, shape, or form since her first accusation, over 2 years ago? Delusional. Maybe she should hire Michael Avenatti as her attorney.

  5. I’d wager that, at some point, she let on that her accusation against Trump is pure fantasy, and the company lawyers recommended she be shit-canned ASAP.

  6. I saw the interview where she said,”Most people think of rape as sexy.”

    At that point she lawn darted what was left of her career, her credibility, and her sanity.

    Elle just let enough time pass as to avoid linking her release to her absolute lunatic statements.

  7. Her accusations around DJT were in the 90’s, around the time of Marla Maples, and she was no Marla Maples!

  8. I doubt if any women’s mags, or magazines in general would do Trump’s bidding. I was in O’Hare Airport last weekend and I was looking at the covers of magazines in one of those Hudson’s News Stores. Atlantic and Harper’s both had anti-Trump covers, and the Economist had an inside article, but mentioned on the cover, that was anti-Trump indirectly, called “On the Road with Mike Bloomberg”. Yeah, pumping/pimping up Balonyberg, who fell apart at the debate like a month-old chocolate éclair.

    That woman is likely a whack-job.


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