Trump Admin Names Gun Makers, Retailers Essential Businesses Nationwide

Before we get started on the story, I just want to let you know that Governor Phil Murphy (D) is a POS.

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President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security released updated guidelines naming gun manufacturers and retailers as essential on Saturday, which means they are to stay open and operational nationwide during a Chinese coronavirus shutdown.

The DHS guidelines list as essential:

  • Workers supporting the manufacturing of safety equipment and uniforms for law enforcement, public safety personnel, and first responders.
  • Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors, and shooting ranges.

The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb commented on the DHS declaration, saying, “Every freedom loving American owes President Trump and his administration a very big thank you for protecting our Second Amendment Rights. This is another Trump promise made and promise kept.”

The DHS declaration comes just days after Governor Phil Murphy (D) laughed in the face of a man who expressed concern that the statewide shutdown in New Jersey had put an end to gun sales, thereby eliminating the ability to get a firearm for self-defense.

Breitbart News reported the concerned man asking Murphy, “If less guns reduce crime, will you give up your personal bodyguards?” more here

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  1. I go to a range over the river in WA outside of PDX. The local police informed the range that they were considered non-essential on Thursday and told them to rap it up by 8 pm and close on Friday. Hopefully, this will all change. Main problem is getting practice ammo. Frangible ammo that they are rationing is $20 per box of 50. Gets kind of pricey when you want to practice.

    Given the situation in larger cities where the police are testing positive for COVID 19 and in some cases are dying, don’t think I want to use up my supply if there is a national shortage on 9mm. Makes me kick myself for not having better supply in the first place.

    The lesson in all of this is that you are your own best self-defense expert during a pandemic.

  2. My sister still lives in SoCal. Every time we text message and I ask her how it’s going there, she ends up saying stuff like, ” newsom can go suck garcetti’s dick in an infested homeless shelter.”
    I think they may be putting the house up for sale this year. lol

  3. If President Trump wanted to have all the democrats head explode, he could sign an executive order stating that every household in the USA must have an operating rifle/pistol for home protection. He could really tweak their collective noses by giving a tax break these households.

  4. I do not worry about guns & ammo because I took proactive measures during the Obama administration. My friends, neighbors and relatives don’t worry about ammo either because I’ve got their backs.

  5. It’s so fascinating to me how this strain of coronavirus has exposed the true authoritarians in this country for all to see. Oh we know who they are but some masks have slipped permanently off and there’s no amount of spin to protect them anymore. Did anyone read that Oregon Governor Kate Brown(turd) shut down online learning? Why? Because that COVID-19 likes to shoot through the computer screen while your 3rd grader is learning subtraction or something.

  6. Timing have it, I bought a 1000 box of .22LR at Cabelas on the way home east to NY only two months ago.

  7. I’ve been watching for the appropriate thread and here it is. 3/28/2019 our IOTW community lost a member, 45/70. I think he would have had some wit and wisdom to share in this comment section. A year sure does go by quick. Heres to you my friend. Hope you’re watching over us and keeping your powder dry.

  8. Quoting “Background Check Procedures in Texas”

    “Federal law requires federally licensed firearms dealers (but not private sellers) to initiate a background check on the purchaser prior to sale of a firearm. Federal law provides states with the option of serving as a state “point of contact” and conducting their own background checks using state, as well as federal, records and databases…”

    Texas is not a “point of contact” state so only the FBI background check required by federal law is required. I believe several states have shut down their background check facilities meaning dealers cannot comply with that state’s background check law and cannot sell guns. is one of many reliable online sources for ammo.


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