Trump Admin Prepares Revamp of Suicide Crisis Hotline

WFB: Administration leaders are moving to curb the nation’s exploding suicide crisis through a new, three-digit number to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai expects to designate 988 as a special code to connect people quickly and easily to the lifeline, he told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview—a response to the two-decade surge in suicide deaths that Pai called “stunning” and “epidemic.”

The change will be voted on by the full FCC at its July 16 open meeting and is expected to pass unanimously, one FCC staffer told the Free Beacon. The new code will easily direct callers to the 10-digit line currently operated by a network of publicly funded crisis centers that provide immediate counseling, mental health referrals, and emergency services to people contemplating suicide.

A suicide hotline short code, under consideration for two years, has been widely supported by suicide experts—and has grown increasingly salient as the coronavirus crisis has driven up calls for help. At the same time, those same experts have cautioned that expanded accessibility of the already overtaxed crisis hotline must be paired with more funding—Dr. Bart Andrews, a board member at the American Association of Suicidology, told the Free Beacon that current funding levels are “completely insufficient to meet the need that 988 will create.” READ MORE

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  1. …the Democrat suicide hotline number should be three sixes ’cause they’ve already got that written on their forehead, hand, and heart, and should feature “how to” tips and encourage them to do it as a group activity towards the end of October, like Halloween, seems fitting for a bunch of old demons and witches…

  2. …but we need to keep conservatives from taking the lies to heart and committing suicide Masada style to keep from being slaves of the vengeful Democrats, because any conservative that kills themself becomes a deathlong Democrat voter…

  3. There should be a special number for ‘progressives’where they get a recording: just do it!
    They’ll get Nike coffins.

  4. Suicide is a sin because every person is made in the image of God. My Mom taught me this early in life.

  5. Gee, wonder why suicide has become a crisis?

    Could it possibly be related to the corona lockdowns diminishing the quality of life for those only marginally on the positive side of it to start with?

  6. I work with LEO’s. One officer told me they usually average 7-8 suicides per month (in my zone of the city). They are finding that many every week now. He said when people do leave a note it’s always financial in nature. So sad. Gheesh. And it’s going to get exponentially worse. Dhimmis are demons.

  7. Conservative – Go to church, excercise, see friends and family and help others.

    Liberal – Buy subway token and hurl yourself onto the track.

    Now, where do I sign up to man the lines.

  8. Carmenzoid JUNE 30, 2020 AT 8:29 AM
    “I work with LEO’s. One officer told me they usually average 7-8 suicides per month (in my zone of the city). They are finding that many every week now. He said when people do leave a note it’s always financial in nature. So sad. Gheesh. And it’s going to get exponentially worse. Dhimmis are demons.”

    …it was my experience back in the day that most suicides, those requiring my services for a trip to the hospital anyway, were kids jumping off the top of a pill bottle for a dramatic gesture that wasn’t actually meant to kill them. They usually set it up so they could be found, or made a lot of dramatic statements, called friends, etc., so they would usually get some charcoal and some gastric lavange and lots and lots of attention, and everything would be fine until the NEXT time someone’s boyfrend cheated on her, then off we go again.


    One time, there was this gal who took a common OTC pain reliever that everyone THINKS is safe but is NOT because it wrecks up on your liver pretty stellar, which is acetaminophen. Sometimes its reversible, but it sets up a toxicity fairly quickly and, if you don’t get something done about it pretty soon, it will kill you whether you will or won’t anymore. This little teenage gal found that out when she made her dramatic gesture but didn’t rig the discovery right, didn’t sufficently alarm anyone after taking it while she was awake for several hours and fell asleep, so it was basically a full 24 hours before anyone even knew about it. This makes gastric lavage and charcoal pretty useless since it’s not there anymore, and some of the antagonist and supportive replacement drugs they use to sponge this out of your system and deal with the effects NOW didn’t exist THEN, and it also has this weird latency period where it’s killed you already but you currently feel fine, and that’s where this gal had arrived. All happy and laughing with her new understanding with her family over whatever teenage angsty problem she had, and then Doc comes in and tells her that she actually HAD succeeded in killing herself so now would be a good time to plan her funeral with her folks. OK, it was a bit more tactful than that, but that was the message, and no one seemed very happy to get it. I can’t tell you all the medical details because I was just there to keep my mouth shut and learn MUCH lower-level medical things, but I kenned that they weren’t fond of putting new livers in toxified systems that would probably destroy them and she was about at the event horizon for multiple system failures (hepatic obviously but also renal, cardiac, and even a brain rot called hepatic encephalopathy) anyway, but whatever, there wasn’t a lot promised in the transplant department, so the medical course here was kind of limited to discussing the short but unpleasant future she had left, full of jandice, diarrhea, and convusions leading up to a slow, painful, ugly death, which, if she was lucky, she’d be in a coma long before she actually died.

    Congrats kid. You succeeded at something. Bye now…

    Then there’s the wrist-slitter, again mostly meant as a gesture because this is pretty easily, if painfully, addressed as it generally comes to light pretty fast, a lot of times the sucidee does little more than scratch the surface, or they freak out when they get actual blood and run to Mommy, and extremeties are fairly easy to isolate and treat anyway so even a good, deep cut is seldom life-threatening if it comes to light quickly, which it usually does becase, again, most of them don’t ACTUALLY want to die, or rethink it quicky when the red starts splashin’. Some of them may not be happy later, though, if they cut deep enough to sever tendons, because it’s very likely their hand will never work right again.

    Bleach drinkers are interesting because it really isn’t necessarily deadly but it IS very unpleasant and burny, but you get this thing where they’re crying and belching and every time it smells springtime laundry fresh so there’s a REAL weird disconnect there. Don’t get me wrong, you CAN die very effectively drinking bleach so I’m NOT endorsing it for breath control so don’t no one get all lefty and accuse me of endorsing bleach drinking like they did the President because I’m NOT, it WILL fuck you up and certanly CAN kill you, but that PARTICUALAR one it didn’t, and the squad smelled uncharacteristially nice afterwards, too.

    See, hospitals don’t see most of the folks that are SERIOUS about suicide. If you ACTUALLY want to kill yourself, you write your final manifesto and shoot yourself in the face without announcing it, no muss, no fuss. Could be that’s why I didn’t so much see financial problems, they were just better at it, and there’s little reason to send an ambulance after cold meat. Sometimes the aim is bad though, and you don’t have it in you for a second shot, so you end up living out your days on a feeding tube in a paralytic’s bed with bedsores to the bone and your bowels running out over the sheets, begging someone to kill you and complete the job that YOU fucked up and now can’t even order yourself disconnected because someone else was given your MPA due to you being demonstrably crazy. There’s jumpers and THAT can be pretty definitive IF you go from high enough, or otherwise you just end up with your femurs jammed through your hips and your back broken, but if you jump off a bridge into a RIVER your chances of dying go WAYYY up, so again if you MEAN to leave us, it really isn’t hard and the hospital probably won’t have any reason to see you as you are really most sincerely dead. Car wreckers and fire setters tended to injure OTHER people and so probably DESERVE the hell they’re headed for, but that would take too long to get into, even for me.

    The folks that did things like THAT usually weren’t up for motivational discussions, so maybe the severe flesh scrambles WERE about finances, I don’t know. Whatever, it wasn’t MY job to read the note, the only one I ever knew of was a K9 cop that shot himself and wanted someone to take care of the dog, but that was really more from unoffical channels than offical, but generally speaking unless there was method it wasn’t my business, and the cops took it for evidence anyway.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some jacked-up shit, this is just the tip of the iceberg and I was at it for 10 years and there’s a LOT of unhappy folks out there and some of them ARE genuninely crazy. It’s just that the vast majority seemed to be insincere people playing for attention, which doesn’t mean you SHOULD take it seriously because they MAY be crazy and MAY accidentally succeed even if they’re NOT, but when dealing with mental illness of ANY stipe you CAN’T take it to heart or you’ll be off in the corner trying to figure out how to fire that double-barrel with your toe YOURSELF, and getting onto that second trigger’s a BITCH…

    …which brings us to sucide hotlines. God Bless those folks for trying, but THEY are humans, TOO. You can’t know what crazy your’re dealing with very well over the phone and, while many WANT to be talked down and respond to it, others just want to share the pain, and a suicide counselor, like a psychiatrist, tends to get pretty sucidal themselves after talking to these folks for even a shortish time, so I’m not really sure if it’s solving the problem or spreading it. Whatever, to me it’s like Narcan, it DOES address the IMMEDIIATE problem, and so it puts it off to be between them and God as to whether they seek LONG TERM solutions, so mine is not to reason why, in all of life you can but try…

    …that’s enough digging up old ghost for now, it’s usually best to leave them alone for my own sake. The answer is not sucide hotlines, however, it’s GOD. No man or woman has sufficent strenght on their own, either God’s in it, or you’re out of it. Yes, Democrat swine prosper by searing their conciousness so nothing hurts them any more and the Holy Spirit stops making them feelz bad because the Spirit gives up on convicting them as their mind becomes reprobate, but that’s gonna have a pretty high, ETERNAL cost once they DO cross over to the abyss that awaits them, so THAT’s not ulimately a great answer, either. Only God can ease your pain by letting you put it all on Him, and only God can give you the strenght to persevere as you deal with the heartache and pitfalls of a mortal existence and you find out you are truly alone otherwise.

    Man can’t save himself. Man can’t even save others, not really.

    Only Jesus saves. Turn to Him when in crisis and in doubt.

    …you know, if they put some blood-bought, sold-out, spirit-filled prayer warriors on those sucide lines, THAT would be a revamp I could get behind…

  9. Hey Dee, so what are you saying about two of my friends who committed suicide? One was recently the other several years ago. They didn’t blow their brains out with any evil intent. They were each feeling despondent and hopeless. For whatever reason, they were unable to lift themselves out of that downward spiral. It’s not helpful to point out their”sin”.


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