Trump Admin Quietly Gives Illegal Immigrants Work Permit Extensions

DailyCaller: President Trump said in an address to Congress last Tuesday that illegal immigration threatens the job prospects of American citizens. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, however, will extend work permits for six months on Monday for hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from El Salvador who receive Temporary Protected Status (TPS).


Instead of letting these work permits expire, USCIS Acting Director Lori Scialabbais is authorizing the automatic extension of them through Sept. 9, 2017.

Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Caller: “TPS is a scam, but this notice seems routine — [U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services] can’t process the TPS renewals fast enough, so they’re extending the work permits so people whose renewals haven’t been processed yet don’t lose their work authorization in the interim.”

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  1. “TEMPORARY?”. These flipping Salvadorans have been under this damned protective status since the 1980’s! It’s simply outrageous that these extensions go on indefinitely and no one puts a stop to this. The Civil war and death squads are gone and now replaced by MS-13 gangs that terrorize the country,but hell, let’s just annex the freaking nation and at least out a stop to this travesty of a policy!

  2. We can’t do the job we demanded you give us, that we (literally literally) rob you at gunpoint to pay us for, so just hand over your wallet, lick our soles in gratitude, and thank us for doing whatever we decide to do. We’re The Government, and we’re hee-er. (thanks, Poltergeist girl)

  3. I just sent an email to the Donald expressing my undying disappointment in his administration concerning his broken campaign promises he made about immigration!

  4. Day 46 of the Trump admin and already there are people who are jumping to throw him under the bus. Shameful. Do a little research on Lori Scialabbais. On the face of it, one could say (as the Breitbart story, below, points out) that Trump should simply can her immediately. But Trump is more than a little over a barrel on some of these firing decisions, either because of public union protections or to fire some of these careerists would eliminate decades of knowledge base — for good and for ill. So, please think before you stampede with the herd. The first question would be “Does an extension interfere with DHS’ and ICE’ ability to deport based on Trump’s established criteria?” My guess is most likely not. So what materially changes by an extension? Actually, nothing. But it does add to the body of evidence Trump needs to fire her.

    What is the likelihood any of these extended work permits are held by technically skilled workers?

  5. @AA – Good analysis. I’d rather these people weren’t here, but seeing that they are, better that they have legitimate jobs than deal drugs or engage in some other criminal gang predation.

  6. @ Uncle Al — The other thing this extension does is create an another updated database of potential deportees. They’ll be easier to find.

  7. He’d damned well better start building that wall soon, before he gives the NeverTrumpsters any more “We told you so!” ammunition.

    Cruz in 2024, not 2020.

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