Trump Admin Takes First Step to Demand Payback From Sponsors of Immigrants Who Use Welfare

Epoch Times:

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service has begun to remind immigrants that if they receive any welfare benefits prior to becoming a citizen, their sponsors will be responsible for paying back the government.

“If the sponsored immigrant receives any federal means-tested public benefits, the sponsor will be expected to reimburse the benefits-granting agency for every dollar of benefits received by the immigrant,” the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) wrote on Twitter on June 14.

Immigrants who apply for permanent residency and citizenship in the United States are required to find a sponsor who guarantees to support them financially. The affidavit of support is a legally enforceable contract between the sponsor and the government. The financial obligation usually ends once the immigrant becomes naturalized or after the immigrant completes 10 years of full-time work.

The USCIS is taking the step in response to a presidential memorandum signed by President Donald Trump in May. The order directs federal agencies to update their regulations to comply with a federal law which prohibits non-citizens from receiving public benefits.

“As part of implementation, we’ll now remind individuals at their adjustment of status interviews of their sponsors’ responsibilities under existing law & regs,” USCIS wrote on Twitter.

Both legal and illegal immigrants use welfare at a far greater rate than native households, according to a study by the Center for Immigration Studies. In 2012, 51 percent of legal and illegal immigrant households used welfare, compared to 30 percent of native households. That year, the federal government spent roughly $500 billion on the programs reviewed by the study. more here

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  1. When I moved to the Great White North, my wife had to prove that she could support me for three years because I would have been totally ineligible for any government assistance.

  2. When I came to this great country in 1959 my sponsor, my dear aunt, had to assure the American Government that I would not become a “ward of the State.” I never did.
    The Liar of the Senate, Ted Kennedy, and other demorats changed all that in 1965. And this is what we have today. Free everything for everyone. Gimmeafuckenbreak!
    Comonin and vote demorat. Santa Clause.

  3. Well, duh, yes they signed on as sponsors and are liable. I fail to understand however, how and why they were allowed to apply for and receive welfare.

    As my husband noted above, I had to prove that I could support him for the first three years and he was a LEGAL immigrant to Canada.

  4. It’s about time. My mother in law had to pay back all of her welfare when she became solvent, and she was one of those who needed it. She had 3 children and a husband who disappeared going out for a pack of Kools and some beer one night. And then her dad, an Il. bit coal miner, died.

    Then I had a sister in law with a husband who absconded with her earrings and silver plate who also had to go on the county. She paid it all back.

    That’s a far cry from how it’s administered today.

  5. I had a rather official cat ask me, a few weeks ago, “You’re not on unemployment?”


    “You are unemployed.”

    I didn’t know how to answer. What the fuck do I say?

    “I’m a rancher… not quite unemployed…”

    “But you haven’t made money in 2 years…”

    Where the fuck do these people come from? They WANT you to be on welfare and unemployment.

  6. If it should become necessary to legally pursue sponsors for their obligation, their ability to enter into new sponsorships should be stopped, until they are in compliance with previous agreements.
    “…In 2012, 51 percent of legal and illegal immigrant households used welfare…”
    Illegal immigrants should not be receiving assistance, other than to exit the country.

    If someone is in this country illegally, they are not an immigrant.

  7. So this will become an issue in the 2020 election, and all the illegal and legal aliens will be voting (illegally) for Democrats who will promise to keep the gravy train running. And the ball-less republicans will close their eyes and let it happen.

  8. President Trump should issue a edict stating that anyone wanting to sponsor an immigrant has to put up a bond in the amount of a 5 years estimate of the any government expenses incurred over that time. One bond for each person sponsored. A the end of the 5 years the sponsor has to show that the government did not have to pay a dime in support for the immigrant. Any money the government did have to pay would be subtracted from the bond and the reminder returned. If the immigrant was still claiming government benefits at the end of the 5 years the sponsor would have to top the bond back up and a new period begins. If at any point the immigrant “goes off the radar” the entire bond is forfeit and at the end of two cycles (10 years) and the immigrant is still claiming welfare benefits the bond is forfeit and the immigrant is deported.
    You can tweak this a bit but it puts the responsibility for the immigrant squarely back on the shoulders of the sponsor where it belongs.

  9. How do we recoup the dispersed funds from illegals? It should be the state they reside in held accountable and deducted from any federal funds received. That means you California!

  10. Since I found out the many ways the Catholic Church has been using it’s resources (and my money) to enable migrants and illegals, I have quit contributing to them. The Pope we have now is a socialist who lives behind a wall and talks too much!


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