Trump Admin Vows to Secure Permanent U.N. Arms Embargo on Iran

FreeBeacon- The United States will seek a permanent extension of an arms embargo on Iran that is set to expire later this year, setting up a confrontation at the United Nations with Russia and China, Iranian allies poised to block the Trump administration’s efforts.

The October expiration of the United Nations arms embargo on Iran was a key part of the Obama-era nuclear deal that blocked nations from exporting arms to Tehran. The Trump administration has vowed to keep the embargo alive and in recent months expended significant diplomatic capital preparing a U.N. resolution to accomplish that goal. Russia and China promise to veto any such measure and are able to unilaterally do so as permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. Both countries remain close allies of Iran and have already discussed plans to sell Tehran billions of dollars’ worth of advanced weaponry once the embargo lifts. more

6 Comments on Trump Admin Vows to Secure Permanent U.N. Arms Embargo on Iran

  1. The obedient who wear masks always think of themselves as virtuous rather than the cowards that they actually are.

  2. Get a 20 year stop on these idiots using the US for a refugee dump for the entire world. Let. them open a HQ in the Middle East and get the hell out of the US.

  3. I cannot say I am a fan of a permanent embargo because it is always possible for circumstances to change. However, the government in Iran always seems to withstand change, so something has to change. For now, I will support the idea and see if it brings about the desired change.

  4. @MJA — Just yesterday we were talking about “kiss the rabbit between the ears” and today I took a closer look at your home page artwork for this article. How naughty!

    I guess with an ayatollah it would be kissing the goat…

  5. Imagine, we actually had an occupant of the White House who lowered his head and jacked his ass up in a submissive offering to these rabid cretins.


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