Trump Admin Won’t List 25 Species As Endangered



[…] The current list of species and populations denied federal protection are:

  • 14 Nevada springsnail species
  • Barbour’s map turtle
  • Bicknell’s thrush
  • Big Blue Springs cave crayfish
  • Two populations of the black-backed woodpecker in Oregon Cascades-California and South Dakota’s Black Hills
  • The eastern population of the boreal toad
  • The Northern Rocky Mountains population of the fisher
  • Florida Keys mole skink
  • Great Sand Dunes tiger beetle
  • Kirtland’s snake
  • Pacific walrus
  • San Felipe gambusia

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13 Comments on Trump Admin Won’t List 25 Species As Endangered

  1. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is a Soros-funded radical environmental group which tries to tie so-called endangered species to “climate change.” Eco-Nazis with a political agenda. Too bad Daily Caller didn’t bother to disclose that.

  2. AbigailAdams, you don’t by chance have any giant Puget Sound worms or similar critters over in western Wash. that the gubmint wants tp put on the endangered species list. Maybe we should list ourselves as an endangered species and see if we could get gubmint assistance. Aren’t conservative and normal red blooded normal Americans considered to be endangered?

  3. Geoff the Aardvark — haahah! Yeah, except once you take the gov’t dime, there’s always some sort of quid pro quo expected, isn’t there? 🙂

  4. Let me guess. There are dozens of new endangered species that happen to live right along the American/Mexican border that we need to protect.

  5. As long as we’re not kow-towing to liberal bullshit, can we change the laws governing gas caps, low flow toilets, and incandescent light bulbs?

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