Trump administration bars Chinese airlines from flying to U.S.

FOX: President Trump’s administration said Wednesday it will bar Chinese passenger carriers from flying to the United States starting June 16 as it pressures Beijing to allow U.S. air carriers to resume flights.

The move, announced by the U.S. Department of Transportation, penalizes China after Beijing failed to comply with an existing agreement on flights between the world’s two largest economies. Relations between the two countries have also soured in recent months amid escalating tensions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

The order applies to Air China, China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan Airlines Holding Co.

Delta Air Lines and United Airlines have asked to resume flights to China this month, even as Chinese carriers have continued U.S. flights during the pandemic. Delta said in a statement on Wednesday that “we support and appreciate the U.S. government’s actions to enforce our rights and ensure fairness.” United did not immediately comment. read more

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  1. Good move. Now end all chinese immigration and enact ban on chinese students in us (bc they never have any intent of going back home)


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