Trump Administration Suing California For Its Sanctuary Laws

The Trump administration is taking aim at the Golden State over three recently passed laws.

The Patch-

The Trump administration is taking action in its efforts to curb illegal immigration, taking aim at the largest so-called sanctuary state in the nation. The Department of Justice is filing suit against California, according to the New York Times.

The lawsuit, expected to be filed sometime late Tuesday in federal court in Sacramento, is over three recently passed California laws that “… make it impossible for federal immigration officials to do their jobs and deport criminals who were born outside of the United States,” according to the NYT report.

The suit names the State of California, Gov. Jerry Brown and state Attorney General Xavier Becerra among the defendants.

Brown on Tuesday evening called the action a “political stunt.”



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  2. Good. Good. Good.

    A political “stunt”, huh? Well, let’s have more of those, then. Maybe this will become one our new culture war mantras: co-opt the Left’s criticism (“stunt”) in the same way we worked “deplorable” to great effect.

  3. OT
    There’s some woman trolling the IG gun pages with the name Casey Anthony. The profile picture LOOKS like Casey Anthony. Hilarity ensues.

  4. No jerry, a political stunt is when someone shuts the prison cell door with you inside, then throws away the key. Throwing away the key is a stunt, everything else is justice.

  5. Love it. Every state dollar spent defending moonbeam and company is a dollar not being spent further destroying the state.

  6. Say there mister President, as long as your in the area, any chance you can nail Oregon’s Governor Brown for the same crimes while you’re at it? Brown, Brown, flush em down.

  7. Why not arrest them and go from there? This horse-pucky is going to drag on forever.

    9th Circuit Court of Appeals will step in, ignoring the judicial process completely, and issue a warrant for Trump’s arrest.

  8. President Abraham Lincoln litigated all these issues already. Pretty thoroughly.
    FDR did the same.
    Eisenhower and JFK, too.

    All of them mobilized the Army to enforce Federal laws. And arrrested elected officials.

    Lincoln would have already seized at bayonet point most of these Mexifornians. Brown, Becerra Er al would be sweating in irons in some military prison under Army control. No trials, completely incommunicado, no habess corpus. Bread and water.

    PDT has been remarkably restrained.

  9. I’ll be a witness for the prosecution!
    My state has been turned into an s-hole by Moonbeam and his ilk.
    Take back California!

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