Trump Administration Urges Supreme Court to Protect Cross-Shaped War Memorial – IOTW Report

Trump Administration Urges Supreme Court to Protect Cross-Shaped War Memorial The Trump administration filed an amicus (or “friend of the court”) brief Wednesday urging the Supreme Court to protect a 93-year-old war memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland, that is shaped like a Latin cross.

The court will soon decide whether the cross-shaped World War I memorial violates the First Amendment’s ban on religious favoritism.  more


8 Comments on Trump Administration Urges Supreme Court to Protect Cross-Shaped War Memorial

  1. This is a stupid move. Until Ginsburg shakes off her mortal coil, Roberts is going to automatically side with the liberals to spite Trump on everything from toilet seat covers to war memorials.

    Just tell ’em it’s not a cross. It’s a “T” and it stands for transgender. Then they’ll protect it if they have to post armed guards 24 hours a day.

    For God so loved the world that he gave it his only begotten he-she-it. That whosoever believes that a man is a man and a woman is a woman shall be banned from the public square and face unemployment everlasting.

  2. Minarets towering over every city in Michigan and the call to prayer ringing across cities with nary a peep out of the left yet spot one christian symbol and there’s mass outrage. I loathe these scum.

  3. So much for freedom of religion in the USA. Are we allowed closet religion in the shadows?? Some people worship money, is that going away next?

  4. So, the continued presence of a cross, a thousand year old symbol to memorialize death, that was erected 100 years ago is a “law” passed by Congress designed to establish the CofE version of Christianity as a state religion? Because that’s what the Establishment Clause is all about

    If that’s the case why aren’t we all required to be members of the Anglican Church? Why has that Church of England dwindled down to absolutely nothing in the 100 years this cross has been up, even in fucking England, I have to say this cross is doing a piss poor job of establishing a state religion

  5. Beau geste, President Trump, but Kavanaugh and Roberts are flipping a coin to see who sides with the leftist justices.

  6. A couple of things. If the cross is situated on government property then sell the little piece it’s on to the American Legion then the Humanist Institute can go fuck themselves at least in regards to this one. I don’t think that Ginsberg should take any part of this case since she should be healing. If she does vote and write an opinion she should be made to explain why to ensure that her clerks aren’t doing work she’s supposed to be doing. Third, Trump ought to make an executive order demanding that all SCOTUS Judges take a competency test annually after the age of 80 to ensure they are mentally and physically capable of doing the job.


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