Trump Advisors Mulling ‘Tax Cut 2.0’ Ahead of 2020 Campaign


Advisors to President Donald Trump are reportedly mulling a “tax cut 2.0” that would lower the income tax rate for middle-class Americans to 15 percent.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the plans are still very much in flux, but that Trump has told his economic advisors he wants a simple tax plan to present to voters next year to differentiate the Republicans from their Democratic challengers. more here

5 Comments on Trump Advisors Mulling ‘Tax Cut 2.0’ Ahead of 2020 Campaign

  1. SECONDED! 😀

    IN before the libtards start whining, “But how do WE (like they’ve ever paid for ANYTHING… 🙄 ) pay FOR it?!?!” 😭

  2. ^^^^ amazing how the fallacy of their argument is so 180. the gov’t doesn’t pay for a tax-cut … it just receives less from the lower quintillion ^^^^

    … just cut spending … like Trump does w/ foreign aid

  3. The House won’t pass anything, but the GOP can work up a complete package and promote it as what they will pass the moment they have the proper majority.

    Every dollar that stays in the pocket of an American is a bonus to our economy. The power of today’s economy has a lot to do with the Trump tax cuts – and cutting more would be even better. Now to cut spending – including future ‘entitlements’ but of course not including what people have already earned.


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