Trump after Invasion of Iraq: It’s “A Tremendous Success,” Will Help Economy

Despite claims that Mr. Trump has made saying that he was against the war in Iraq before and during it, claiming he said that it would destabilize the region and be economically costly, new audio shows that Mr. Trump said the literal opposite the day after the invasion began.

Appearing on Fox News on March 21, 2003, Mr. Trump said that a good week on Wall Street before the war was “really nothing compared to” the jump he expected as time went on.

He explained, “Well, I think Wall Street’s waiting to see what happens, but even before the fact they’re obviously taking it a little bit for granted, and it looks like a tremendous success from a military standpoint, and I think this is really nothing compared to what you’re gonna see after the war is over.”

You can listen to the entire audio clip below:

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  1. I’m glad you found this. I was getting scared thinking Trump wasn’t on both sides of every issue and maybe this one would be an exception. BTW, I’m just gonna come right and call you a liar, Aurelius, because this is from way back in the time when Trump was a registered Democrat, and it has no bearing on his evolved opinion of this week. You can’t use Trumps old opinions against him without adding a direct link to his new ones with a disclaimer the the old views are no longer valid since he decided he doesn’t agree with what he said about himself a decade or two ago! Or even last August or October!

    So, quit lying!

  2. O/T, but the like button mentions Biden. Did anybody else see Robin Roberts and Jon Carl giggling about the rumor that Joe Biden’s name was being floated as a Scalia replacement?

    Even they know Uncle Joe is a joke!

  3. Luckily for us, Trump, unlike Soetoro, is being vetted.
    Yes, there is much wailing and gnashing of teeth but this is a critical part of the process.
    He made a hard left turn to grab this state. Yes a sailor is at the mercy of the wind, but if he abandons his goal he dies at sea.

  4. I’ll say I was very clearly against the invasion. We didn’t need to invade when we had total air superiority (remember the no-fly zones?). But, once we went in, once we launched shock and awe, Bush and the military had my total support. And that is kind of what I am seeing here with Trump.
    One difference from Trump: Yes Bush 43 bears some blame, but I believe Obama has blood on his hands for withdrawing all troops after we won the war proper, releasing Isis on the world. Trump seems to only point at Bush. He is wrong.

  5. “Trump is being vetted by the right, not the left. Yuge difference.”

    They must like what they see. His poll numbers keep going up.

  6. Trump said Bush lied about WMD’s so we could go to war. It sure takes the wind out of Hiliary’s sails, but is that what we need to do or want to do win? Bush lied so he could send in our young brave warriors to die for nothing? Really? For what point and purpose Donald?

  7. The US has not been interested in winning a war unconditionally since we defeated Nippon. Because the people who steer the money gained control of enough of the government.

    There is not enough money in winning. That implies long periods of… not war. But widespread low level conflicts are a dependable source of cash flow. With a few bumps up every now and then. Sort of like bullish runs on Wall Street. Well, EXACTLY like that.

    Most of main street has been sucked dry of cash flow. The housing bubble worked for a bit, bundled up those non performing mortgages and sold ’em for gold. That seems to be over now.

    Stand by for a war that heats up a bit. The market needs one.

  8. It’s not flip flopping……….on Iraq, abortion, partial birth abortion or Obamacare mandates

    To the music of rawhide.

    evolvin’, evolvin’, evolvin’, Move ’em out, head ’em up, Head ’em up, move ’em on.
    Move ’em out, head ’em up: Rawhide.
    (evolvin’, evolvin’, evolvin’.)

  9. Trump lost me when he had to remind everyone at every opportunity that “I built a great company” and “I have some of the greatest assets in the world” whenever he was expected to finish answering a serious question. Watch him carefully. He never answers any question with more than a couple of sentences before he repeats his standard claims to being the greatest whatever. I agree with a lot of his statements, but I shudder at the thought of having to listen to this egotistical blowhard for the next five years. Would I vote for him over Clinton or Sanders? Hell yes! I held my nose and voted for the RINO McCain and his Airheaded Phool, Governor ( but not for long ) Palin.Trump is a symptom of how angry a good sized portion of the population is with the leftist transformation of the country. Ross Perot gave us Bill and Hillary Clinton. Who knows what Trump will give us?

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