Trump always lands on his feet- Cedar-Sinai doctors introduce “Injectable Disinfectant” two days before POTUS mentioned it

Two days before President Trump asked about injecting UV light & using disinfectants to fight Covid-19, doctors at Cedar-Sinai introduced what they call “Healight” an “Injectable disinfectant”. Sincerely, 

C. Steven Tucker 

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  1. We knew this would happen.

    February 19, 2017: “You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this. Sweden. They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible,” the new US president told a crowd of supporters at a rally in Florida.”

    Media & Experts: “lol wut a dumbass Trump is lol”

    April 7, 2017: “The 2017 Stockholm truck attack was an Islamist terrorist attack which took place on 7 April of that year in central Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. A hijacked truck was deliberately driven into crowds along Drottninggatan (Queen Street) before being crashed into an Åhléns department store.”

    November 12, 2019: “Swedish police are dealing with unprecedented levels of attacks, targeting city centre locations too. The bomb squad was called to deal with 97 explosions in the first nine months of this year.”

    You’d think they’d have learned by now. You’d be wrong.

  2. I looked for the term, “Injectable Disinfectant” in the article. Maybe I missed it. There are a couple people I would send it to.

  3. Just as a good lawyer doesn’t ask a question he doesn’t already know the answer to, our President doesn’t say things like this without knowing something is happening in that particular arean. The enemedia take the bate and look foolish.

    Problem is they only look foolish to us. Their constituency of hate-blinded voters care more about hating the President for being right than they are about themselves being wrong or that there are possible solutions being developed.

  4. Dr. David Brownstein has been blogging about his practice’s use of nebulized hydrogen peroxide with iodine solution with good effect against COVID19. Two disinfectants here.

    Remember when the MSM used to apply the term “intellectually incurious” to call their opponents stupid, basically? The MSM are intellectually incurious.

  5. I love this.
    I have had more than enough of libidiots spouting what the prompter readers on fake news shows. They listen to 20 seconds on a subject and think they’re experts.
    For years now, leftist mimics have been insulting conservatives in person, online, in the fake media. I’ve mostly tried to be nice. Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid.
    Not any more.

  6. Trump plays cat and mouse with liberals and they keep coming back for more.
    I will wager he knew of this “deal” before he made his comment because he knew it would trigger the libs.

    LOL I love this guy

  7. Cool vid of cool cats (the POTUS) landing on it’s feet and it’s like watching a ballet of sorts and I don’t get ballets. Grace and beauty under pressure:

    The thing is it all happens within seconds, all instincts from prior millenias.

    This POTUS, DJT, is more mountain lion though and we all (here) know not to fuck wit dat?! The thing is??? When you have TDS (per what thedolfer said bout them), they are easy prey.

  8. At the last presser when President brought this up the look on Dr. Brix face was price less she had no clue about this treatment,and it showed.
    Next presser D. Fauci will claim it does not work and all trials should stop now,no money in it for him and Gates. All kinds of light treatments on cancer have been going on for years.

  9. And Dr Brix in a big show of loyalty has gone on CNN and Fox and debunked their BS and told them them they dice and slice what he says ridiculously. Media loses again.

  10. Well, the leftist media by has accomplished what they wanted all along, President Trump will be limiting his briefing appearances. Even though he has prophetically correctly spoken the truth about many things, especially about this pandemic hoax, he now probably believes he’s doing more harm than good at these briefings. That isn’t true of course. President Trump is being gaslighted into not speaking positive words and blessings over the American people; .
    Believe it or not the presidency also functions as a priesthood. This is a vital role President Trump must not forsake.

  11. This news will not go to the masses. It’s up to YOU to spread this information.
    The Left will continue the LIE that Trump told people to “inject Lysol into yourself”.

    Just like the Sarah Palin LIE “I can see Russia from my house.” (She NEVER said that)

    Democrats don’t care as long as the LIE sticks and the ignorant masses repeat it.

    President Trump is LOSING the battle against the mass media. Ask anybody on the street and they will repeat the LIE and they believe it. There are people on Facebook that actually believe they heard the President say “Inject yourself with a disinfectant.”

    The ONLY bright spot on the horizon is they have Biden running against him but that will probably change.

    This is going to be an incredible fight by November. Do not get complacent. The Left will do anything and everything to get him out of office.

  12. A lie can travel around the world before Bill Clinton can put on his pants.

    A lie can travel around the world before Hillary can put on her pantsuit.

    A lie can travel around the world before Joe Biden can put his shoes on his hands and his gloves on his feet.

    I couldn’t decide.

  13. Another tool to keep in your arsenal:
    Research L-lysine and Covid.
    Lysine keeps viruses from replicating. Interesting stuff.
    Been used for decades on herpes simplex.

  14. I just read the linked article.
    I see NO reference to injectable disinfectant. Headlight is a UV-A light treatment.
    What the heck?

    Thank you, joe6pak.

  15. flip, other articles refer to UV light as a disinfectant, as well as other articles refer to the process of injecting the UV light through a proprietary process and piece of medical equipment. I was just hoping to see the term “injectable disinfectant” used. I’ll find it even if I have to create it.

  16. That a boy Joe6pak. You will not have to look far.
    I want to see what you come up with. LOL.
    If you look close you will find that they already do. Anything that they put in you is a injectable disinfectant. Iodine Cemo and many others.
    Light plus drugs is what does the trick.

  17. @joe6pak
    “I was just hoping to see the term “injectable disinfectant” used.”

    I was too. 🙂 I read it, did multiple word searches, found nothing. Scoping an UV light into a chest arguably isn’t the same as injecting disinfectant.

  18. How did he survive in the NY big real estate arena? By following the herd and reading the NYT’s? How did he become known as the “Comeback Kid”? Tom Barrack (I keep going back to his explanation of who Trump is): “The lion wakes up and knows he has to run faster than the fastest gazelle. The gazelle wakes up and knows it has to run faster than the fastest lion. But whether you’re a lion or a gazelle, you know one thing: you have to get up and get the hell moving. That’s Donald Trump.” “Donald trump operates under a strict set of disciplines.”

    Compare and contrast a man who has at the core of his being the discipline, the speed and talent to achieve greatness based on his own merit to a pack of half-wits who hunt in packs because there’s safety in numbers and scraped together there’s not a single working brain, and in aggregate they are tiresome, conniving, and feckless. There’s just nothing about any of them that is worthy of admiration or emulation.


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