Trump announces solution to Acosta problem and now the media are stuck

AT: President Trump famously proclaims his ability to win, and already has figured out how to turn the loss dealt him by a federal judge that he appointed into a win.

In a preliminary ruling, a federal judge in Washington, D.C., sided with CNN on Friday in its lawsuit against President Trump, ordering the White House to immediately reinstate correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials.

U.S. District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly, who was appointed by Trump, said the White House failed to provide Acosta due process in revoking his access, and he granted a temporary restraining order restoring it. Kelly noted that it was a “very limited” ruling, based on due-process considerations.

The judge said that Trump does not have to call on Acosta ever again but that the CNN chief White House correspondent is owed due process before the administration can revoke his “hard,” or permanent, press pass.

President Trump told White House reporters yesterday and repeated in an interview with Fox News that the judge’s demand of due process is easily satisfied by drawing up clear rules of decorum for press conferences:

Now President Trump is vowing to create “rules and regulations” for how White House reporters act. He says “you have to practice decorum” at the White House.

“It’s not a big deal,” Trump told Fox News in an interview on Friday. “What they said, though, is that we have to create rules and regulations for conduct, etcetera. We’re going to write them up. It’s not a big deal. If he misbehaves, we’ll throw him out or we’ll stop the news conference.”

Acosta, of course, held an impromptu press conference of his own to gloat.

But his bosses at CNN seem to understand that the gloating may be short-lived, citing the presidential promise of rules in the second sentence of its story on the judge’s ruling.

The New York Times gets it that Trump now has the upper hand in his battle with a media that wants to drive him from office:

“This could backfire,” said William L. Youmans, a professor of media law at George Washington University. Mr. Acosta “gets his credential now, but it empowers the Trump administration to come up with conduct-based criteria.”

“A ‘rudeness’ or ‘aggressive behavior’ policy would have a huge chilling effect, and would be much more damaging to the whole system,” Dr. Youmans added. “If it lowers the bar for pulling credentials, it’s a recipe for a more tepid press.”

And now, the hard truth about Acosta – Trump’s most prominent enemy in the media he describes as “fake news” – will start to come out

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  1. First question at the next press conference:
    DJT: OK Jim, what’s your question?
    Acosta: Blablablabla…
    DJT: Is that a question or a statement? You make no sense. You are fake news. Thanks for coming everybody. (walks away)
    Acosta’s career is officially over.

  2. I think ignoring all CNN press members at every press conference should be a standard from here on out. After a year or two of being totally ignored may hit a nerve.

  3. Yes, yes, yes–at the end of the article was exactly what I would do. Give Acosta the mic and let him talk and talk and just keep doing that. The other reporters have said (mostly off record) how much they dislike him. They will “beat” him to a bloody pulp and the WH won’t have to do a thing.

    The other suggestion in the article is to quit televising them.

  4. And the first time the rules are challenged, another fed judge throws them out. The establishment is going to have their petty little winz no matter what. Just shun the creep.

  5. Mike Myers revived the Gong Show last year. PDJT could bring In MM to Gong them out when they violate the proper behavior rules. .

    However, personally I’d prefer the WH now require guest wear shock collar bow ties. A video system would be set up, as impartial judge, to recognize annoyed facial expressions and body language. An algorithm would integrate percent of people present annoyed and number of seconds annoyed. Pass the magic sweet spot, and Shazam, the offender is laying on the floor doing the chicken. It would be entertaining and get high ratings. I know I’d tune in to see Jimmy A getting bit by the taser bow tie.

  6. Trump should get him to say something bad about the Clinton’s, it would be the worst case of suicide the DC police has ever seen.

  7. And thus Jim Acosta becomes a pariah within his own press brood because he’s just fucked it up for everybody down the road from here on out.

  8. All questions must be presented, approved and asked by Acosta.
    Turn it into the Acosta show and enjoy the fireworks.

  9. Simple solution… if Acosta gets possession of the mic, turn it off. Hand a live mic to the recognized reporter. We are a wealthy country and can afford more than one mic.

  10. Every time he starts running his yap, shut the briefing down.
    Say thanks to Jim Acosta and apologize to the other reporters
    Acosta will get his ass kicked by other WH Reporters

  11. You would think that being a white house reporter would be a privilege and not a right. I think that Judge needs to be disbarred from his position.

  12. If we’re ever going to be a civil society again, I can’t think of a better place to start, or a better example made, of, than the press.

  13. God forbid that the media be polite when addressing the President of the USA.

    I never heard those puke bags treat 0bama this way and he deserved to be treated rudely due to his constant lies.

  14. Jim Acosta (the preening prick) should be a “persona non grata” or invisible. Never call on him.
    Actually, to make the point, little girls next to Jim Acosta should be called upon instead of him.
    He can raise his hand, jump up and down, and blurt stuff out and then be removed roughly by WH security/police from the room.

    I think all questions should be submitted in writing in advance. Those selected will be read by the reporter verbatim or they will be ignored. This will tame the whole nasty Fake News Media.

  15. Someone at IOTW said last week that Acosta should be given the mic and allowed to ask question after question and follow up question after followup question for about fifteen minutes. Then end the briefing and walk away. Let the rest of the press corp and the American people get their news of the world from Libido Acosta.
    I concur.

  16. Fix the number of seats.
    Allow a seat based on invitation.
    The “White House Press Credential” allows one into the pool from which those chosen are seated.
    AND impose a Code of Conduct – since they insist on acting like savages.
    Done and done.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. That young intern should charge Acosta with assault. Phuck him!
    And phuck FOX,CNN, and the rest for siding with Acosta. They must know he’s a phucking jerkoff.
    I love my President and Sarah. MAGA, GBA (God Bless America)

  18. …no more press conferences until Acosta’s alleged “due process” is over, and he’s formally kicked out to the judge’s satusfaction.

    …we don’t need to see ANOTHER liberal smiling smugly for the cameras when given still more made-up rights by yet ANOTHER judge…

    …the press will get so hungry for the Word of Trump that they may well frag the little CNNer themselves…

  19. If they are not going to print the news, why give them a press conference?

    Why doesn’t the WH have its own newspaper? Paper or electronic.


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