Trump Appointed Federal Judge Lifts Stay on Citizenship Question

United States District Judge for the  District of Columbia, Dabney Friedrich, ruled Friday that the plaintiffs attempting to block the citizenship question on the 2020 census have not been harmed by its inclusion on the standard form nor do they face imminent harm in the near future if the question remains.  More

Judge Friedrich was nominated by the current administration in June 2017, confirmed by the Senate in November and assumed the judgeship on December 1, 2017. More

13 Comments on Trump Appointed Federal Judge Lifts Stay on Citizenship Question

  1. I fail to see how your citizenship, or lack of it, can be considered a legitimate privacy matter because if it is known it will harm you.

    Unless, maybe, you’re engaged in fraud that of some kind requires its to be secret to successfully accomplish.

    Maybe someone could explain it to me.

  2. census takers don’t arrest anyone, illegal or otherwise. They’re just bitching because everyone will know which city and state is harboring illegals.

  3. Thank you, judge. Haven’t you heard, illegals? “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is out. “Out and proud” is in.

  4. They’re afraid it will scare away illegals and then the cities won’t get as as many benefits from the head count going down.

  5. Trump appointed him? It is not right that he brings politics to the bench. He should have recused himself and an unbiased person decide. Perhaps Sotomayor.

  6. The requirement for a census (“enumeration”) is laid out in Article I Section 2 Clause 3 of the Constitution. The number of House representatives is based on the gross number; everybody counts, not just citizens. It would be a Good Thing to amend the Constitution to say that representatives and other apportioned fed goodies must be based on the count of U.S. citizens within each state.

  7. Right, Uncle Al! I’m with you: only citizens should count. (Perhaps, like slaves, we might count illegals as 10% of a citizen….? ….smile…)

    My question: Is this ruling definitive? ….Lady in Red

  8. Is anyone bitching they no longer ask how many refrigerators are in the household?
    No, because the stupid in congress finally realized fridges can’t vote. But give AOC time, she’ll figure out a way.

  9. Not being reported by lying media. Trump is going to get to appoint a judge to replace RBG. Why? Because she has died and was cremated. The concert she allegedly attended was a quietly done funeral. How it was surmised? RBG’s glasses and gavel were on top of the box containing her ashes, and her robe was hanging off to the side. This was noticed in the video of the “concert” that she was claimed to have attended. Sure, this sounds outlandish, but there is no proof to refute this. Yes, the communist liberals would not report this, but Stone would.


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