Trump as Bruce Lee

ht/ ladygun 12

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  1. Not something I would normally admit too, however I think I just soiled myself,,,
    Precious this is!

    ht/ ladygun 12
    Whatever you’d wish,,,

  2. The video was as hurky jerky as the old Bruce Lee movies. When we were in Hong Kong when I was in the Navy in 1974 A bunch of us from the ship went to a Bruce Lee film festival in Chinese with English subtitles, it was very interesting and just as cheesy in Chinese. The democraps better prepare themselves next year for a one hell of a walloping because it’s not even going to be close. The deplorables are mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore. Could we get Lurch AKA John effin Kerry to play Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s character.


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