Trump-backed Kris Korbach wins GOP gubernatorial primary in Kansas

Here’s CNN’s spin-

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has narrowly won the Republican nomination for governor, ousting incumbent Gov. Jeff Colyer in the state’s primary.

Colyer conceded the race Tuesday night, a week after the election took place and after additional absentee and provisional ballots extended Kobach’s razor-thin lead to 345 votes out of more than 313,000 votes cast.
Colyer’s concession ends a week of drama that featured scrutiny over every ballot, frantic back-and-forths over whether Kobach would recuse himself in a potential recount and a wait to see how many absentee and provisional ballots would ultimately be added after election night.
Democrats, who nominated state Sen. Laura Kelly for governor, believe Kobach’s penchant for controversy gives them an opening in a ruby red state that Trump won by 21 percentage points, but where the party believes local issues have shifted in its favor. Teacher-fueled protests over education funding and two competitive congressional races have made Kansas a battleground in November’s midterm elections.
Kobach had the backing of President Donald Trump, who endorsed him just before the primary. Kobach is an advocate for restrictive voting laws and, as the head of Trump’s voting commission, had backed the President’s claims of widespread voter fraud, despite failing to produce evidence to support those claims.



Breaking: Jeff Colyer Concedes To Kris Kobach in Kansas GOP Primary…

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10 Comments on Trump-backed Kris Korbach wins GOP gubernatorial primary in Kansas

  1. “… you’ll be so tired of Winning…. ”

    after so many years of being kicked in the ‘nads for what I believe … NOPE!!!

  2. I live within 8 miles of the center of everywhere….the geographic center of the United States.. Lebanon Kansas (Ironical even)….there are 4 cows, 27 prairie dogs, hawks, turkey vultures, turkeys, badgers, bunnies…et all…None of these will vote democrat yet I am prepared to register them to vote for me….Willysgoatgruff, a candidate that you don’t really know, have doubts about, yet you want to buy a drink and a meal for…maybe even a travel traller…..”I CAN BE IN YOUR DISTRICT NEXT WEEK!!!!”….

  3. You can’t prove evidence of voter fraud because democrats block attempts to cooperate.

    Never mind they give illegals driver license which in turn can be used to vote…..


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